Democratic vs. Republican Debates

Letter to the Editor Tonight I watched the Democratic debates. Last night I watched the Republican debates. What struck me is that the Democrats talk about the real problems and real solutions facing America. On the Republican side all they talked about was money and the petty stuff. I can see why as America votes […]

Obama alienates Bill Clinton Supporters

Letter to the Editor Many of us Democrats who remember what a great president Bill Clinton was are getting really offended by Obama who is now talking about the Clinton years the same way Republicans talk about it. Obama sounds like Carl Rove is writing his message. The Clinton’s have a strong record of accomplishments […]

Hillary Clinton wins Florida! Beats McCain!

Letter to the Editor In a race where the Democratic votes don’t even count and there are no delegates at stake Hillary Clinton got the most votes of any candidate running in either party. McCain came in second, Romney came in third and Obama came in forth. Edwards, who came in seventh, was beaten by […]

John Kerry and Sex Scandals

One thing that always surprised me was that the Republicans in the 2004 election never found out about Kerry’s sex scandals. And it’s not because there weren’t any. And I’m sure they would have used them if they knew. But I supposed that there’s a lot of stuff that just gets missed.

Obama win in South Carolina might hurt him in the long run

Letter to the Editor Yes it is true that Obama routed Clinton in South Carolina, but at what cost? Obama had been running as a race neutral candidate up until Sounth Carolina where he, not the Clintons, injected race into the campaign. Obama won the black vote by painting Bill Clinton as a racist. But […]

John Edwards – It’s over! Give it up!

Letter to the Editor John Edwards, it is time for you to drop of of the race. South Carolina is your home state. You spent more money than Clinton and Obama put together and still came in last place. But more importantly your wife has stage 4 cancer and running for president in the first […]

Ideas for Stimulus Package

Letter to the Editor If I were in Congress I would do something very different to stimulate the economy. The first thing I’d do it end the war in Iraq. Then I’d change the law that prohibits the government from shopping around to get the best prices from the drug companies. Next I’d implement universal […]

Only Huckabee understands the phony stimulus package!

Letter to the Editor Republican candidate Mike Huckabee seems to be the only candidate who understands that the phony “stimulus package” is an election year cash handout from the government money fairy, and that it is a gimmick, and is not going to fix the economy. He correctly pointed out that we are running a […]

Media bias against Clinton helps Clinton

Letter to the Editor The unvarnished media hated for the Clintons is actually helping them win. In New Hampshire the media was running a Clinton death watch right up until Hillary won and turned them all into fools. Then she went on to Nevada where the media again hammered her so hard it looked like […]

Obama isn’t Tough Enough

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to hear Barak Obama whine about his election battle with the Clintons who are being gentle with him because they are both Democrats. If he can’t handle election battles now how is going to hold up when he’s running against Republicans who are not going to be nearly as […]

The Economy is Failing

Letter to the Editor Today’s emergency interest rate cut to keep the market from collapsing shows how close the economy is to falling apart. The reason it’s falling apart is because we’re spending more money than we have. Today’s rate cut was just a short term fix to get us through the day. It’s like […]

Stimulate Economy or Election year Bribe?

Letter to the Editor  The reason the economy is heading into a recession is because we’re spending more money than we have. But since this is an election year the career politicians want to pacify us with an election year bribe. They are calling for the government money fairy to write us all a check. […]

Still losing the war

Letter to the Editor Today the economy is the issue and Iraq is yesterday’s news. The surge is working they say. But the surge working doesn’t mean that we are winning. It only means that for now we are losing the war more slowly, and at greater cost. We still have 160,000 troops there. Let’s […]

Daily Kos Won Michigan

Letter to the Editor Before the Michigan primary Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas called for Democrats to vote for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary and Mitt Romney won. Whether or not the Daily Kos affected the outcome of the race is anyone’s guess. But one thing we do know is that the outcome of […]

The President’s First Job

Letter to the Editor The first job of any president is always the same thing. It’s to win the election. So which candidate has the most experience when it comes to winning the presidency? Hillary has run in two races and won both. Edwards has run in one race and lost. Obama has never run […]

Our best man is a woman

Letter to the Editor When it comes down to it you have to look hard to see anything that Clinton and Obama don’t agree on. So there’s really no way to choose between them based on the issues. So what it comes down to is which one is going to win against the Republicans? Some […]

Letter to the Editor In the 2004 election Bush accused Kerry of flip flopping. “He was for the war before he was against it.” Now with Kerry supporting Obama and endorsing him in Edwards home state it seems like Kerry was for Edwards before he was against him. Seems like another Kerry flip flop to […]

Will Democrats find Defeat in Certain Victory?

Letter to the Editor In a year where it looks like any Democrat could beat any Republican will the Democrats find a way to lose in the face of certain victory? Are Democrats secretly trying to lose? The Democrats put forth 8 candidates and one of the two leading candidates is the least experienced of […]

Economy Fears helps Hillary

Letter to the Editor  The more people talk about recession and economic fears the more the voters lean towards Hillary. That’s because the Clinton campaign coined the phrase, “It’s the Economy Stupid”. Not only did they make it the issue, but the delivered on their promise of focusing on the economy like a laser beam. […]

Cost of Iraq War hits Economy

Letter to the Editor The Republican borrow and spend economy is finally catching up with us and the payment on the credit card is due. For the last 7 years Bush has added 5 trillion dollars to the nations debt. They funded the wars and tax cuts for the rich with national debt. But Republicans […]

Kerry Endorses Obama

Letter to the Editor I’m not sure the Kerry endorsement helps Obama as much as it reminds us that when Democrats make a bad choice in selecting a candidate that we can lose the race. Do we stick with the proven success of the Clintons or do we take a chance on the new guy? […]

She who laughs last, laughs best!

Letter to the Editor For the last week the Republican controlled news media has been doing everything they can to stop Hillary from being president. “Nobody likes Hillary”, “Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton”, “Hillary Clinton in Meltdown as Panic Grips Staff”, “Talk of Clinton Dropping Out Engulfs Campaign”, “Hillary Clinton braced for a second defeat at […]

Hillary takes second in Iowa, not third!

Many of you who are reading the news will think that Hillary Clinton came in 3rd in the Iowa state caucuses. After all, that’s what everyone is saying, right? So will you be surprised to know that Hillary actually came in second? Well, it’s true. What doesn’t get reported in the news media is that […]

Republicans make Iowa Vote Interesting

Letter to the Editor When it comes to interesting the Republicans won the Iowa race. The Democrats ended in a virtual 3 way tie. However the Republicans gave a decisive victory to Mike Huckabee who won by a landslide. And when you consider that he won with no money the real victory is even bigger. […]

The year of the Reality Based Voter

 Letter to the Editor For the last several years we’ve been hearing about the faith based voter and who is going to get the “lion’s share” of the Christian vote. This year is the year of the reality based voter. The reality based voter believes that America will be a stronger country if our elected […]