Hillary takes second in Iowa, not third!

This post was written by marc on January 4, 2008
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Many of you who are reading the news will think that Hillary Clinton came in 3rd in the Iowa state caucuses. After all, that’s what everyone is saying, right? So will you be surprised to know that Hillary actually came in second? Well, it’s true.

What doesn’t get reported in the news media is that the election results from Iowa are as follows:

1. Obama – 16 delegates
2. Clinton – 15 delegates
3. Edwards – 14 delegates

Delegates are the votes that count. Think of them as electoral votes. If the popular vote mattered Al Gore would be president. The news media has it wrong. Clinton came in second, Edwards third. And for the most part Iowa was for all practical purposes a 3 way tie.

In the Republican side the real score was:

1. Huckabee – 30 delegates
2. Romney – 7 delegates

All the other candidates got zero delegates. Here’s some more interesting numbers.

Total Voter Turnout (approximate) 356,000

Percentage of total vote

24.5% Obama
20.5% Edwards
19.8% Clinton
11.4% Huckabee (R)

Huckabee has a huge win among Republicans.But far more people voted in the Democratic caucuses which allowed Independents and Republicans to vote.

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