Stimulate Economy or Election year Bribe?

This post was written by marc on January 23, 2008
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Letter to the EditorĀ 

The reason the economy is heading into a recession is because we’re spending more money than we have. But since this is an election year the career politicians want to pacify us with an election year bribe. They are calling for the government money fairy to write us all a check. But some of us are smart enough to understand that money just doesn’t appear out of nowhere and that since the national debt is almost 10 trillion dollars, they are taking out a cash advance loan on our federal credit card and trying to pass it off as a gift. The hope being that Americans are stupid enough to believe this will help fix the economy long enough to get them reelected before the bill comes due.

Obama is suggesting a $250 bribe and Bush wants an $800 bribe. But we don’t need a bribe. We need fiscal responsibility. We need to have a surplus and start paying off the national debt. If we don’t take responsibility for our debts the Arabs and the Chinese are going to foreclose on America. We citizens need to demand real solutions to real problems and not some phony cash gimmick that just runs up the debt and kicks the can down the road for another year.

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