Let’s give the Clintons a second chance

Letter to the Editor Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been a team. When Bill ran for president in 1992 he made a point that they were a team saying, “Buy one, get one free!” The Clintons accomplished a lot starting their job with a huge deficit and leaving with a huge surplus. In these […]

Is the surge a success?

Letter to the Editor John McCain calls the surge in Iraq a success. But is it? Things in Iraq have gone from really really bad to just really bad. So if you think that represent success then vote for McCain. After all, if McCain is going to be the next Bush then we have to […]

Candidates should take stand on illegal wiretapping

Letter to the Editor Obama and Clinton are tied in their race for president. Their positions are essentially the same. One touts experience, the other touts judgment. But they could break the tie if one of them were to make a bold move and show that they are true leaders, ready to be president before […]

Let’s stop the illegal wiretapping – Challenge to candidates

Dear Church of Reality Members, Let’s stop the illegal wiretapping – Challenge to candidates The Bush administration has again authorized illegal wiretapping of our phones. He has the cooperation of the phone companies who Congress he wants Congress to give immunity to. The vote essentially authorizes the President to break the law. Nixon must be […]

Should every vote count?

Letter to the Editor It was just 8 years ago the Democratic party in Florida angrily demanded that every Florida vote should count. “Count every vote! Count every vote!”, they cried! Now the Democratic party has declared that NO Florida votes will count. Is it just me or has the world gone mad? Makes you […]

Hillary’s 1995 Remarks to the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women

Mrs. Mongella, Under Secretary Kittani, distinguished delegates and guests:I would like to thank the Secretary General of the United Nations for inviting me to be a part of the United Nations Fourth World Conference of Women. This is truly a celebration — a celebration of the contributions women make in every aspect of life: in […]

Democratic Underground = Free Republic

If you read Democratic Underground these days you’ll think you were reading Free Republic. There’s really no difference in their political views. They both love Obama and hate Hillary. But for different reasons. One thing you have to remember about the support for Obama at DU is that the moderators over there enforce a particular […]

Voting based on skin color is racist!

Letter to the Editor Obama campaign co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr. has been pressuring black delegates to vote for Obama because he’s black saying, “Do you want to go down in history as the one to prevent a black from winning the White House?” The way I see it Jesse Jackson Jr. is a racist. He’s […]

Obama afraid to debate Clinton in Wisconsin

Letter to the Editor Obama says he’s not ducking debates because he’s debated 18 times, but the reality is that he’s only been in a single one on one debate with Clinton. In that debate she mopped the floor with him. If Obama is too chicken to debate Hillary then is he ready to lead […]

Democratic Party out of touch with the Real World

Letter to the Editor Sometimes it just amazes me how the Democrats survive as a party. They make a decision to put South Carolina ahead of Florida and Michigan and declare these two states votes will be ignored. Then after the primary they are going to try to go back to these same voters in […]

How Pathetic is McCain – sells out on turture!

Letter to the Editor After spending years as a POW in Vietnam and supposedly tortured John McCain votes against a bill prohibiting torture. How pathetic is that? I guess there’s no limit to how much a Republican is willing to sell out to get the Rush Limbaugh vote.

Obama supporters sound like Republicans

Letter to the Editor Obama supporters are making a serious mistake talking about the Clintons the way Republicans talk about them. The last time Democrats talked about the Clintons that way was 1994. Democrats in Congress were convinced by the news media that the Clintons were poison. The Democrats fell for it and distanced themselves. […]

Is Obama the Liberal Messiah?

Letter to the Editor Barak Obama is presented by the news media as the messiah of the liberals. It is as if he’s the combination of the second coming of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. And the news media that create our new savior is the same news media that tried to drive […]

Obama Chicken to Debate Hillary!

Letter to the Editor I find it interesting that Obama is afraid to take on Clinton in as many debates as offered. Hillary isn’t showing any hesitation accepting the challenge. With the race for president tied Democrats are looking for a way to choose their best candidate. Debates are the best way to do this […]

Clinton supporters might not go to Obama

Letter to the Editor A lot of people are saying that if Obama is the nominee that the Clinton supporters will vote for Obama, while saying that Obama supporters might not support Clinton. As a Clinton supporter I’m having a hard time warming up to Obama. Many of us really like Hillary and Bill Clinton […]

A Nation with no Soul

Letter to the Editor What kind of a nation have we become when the president admits to torturing people and no one cares? Have we become a nation with no soul?

Time to show up and vote

Letter to the Editor Whether or not you are for Obama or Clinton I want to encourage all Democrats to come out and vote. I want the news to be that the number of Democrats that voted are way ahead of the number of Republicans that voted. When we show up at the polls we […]

Marc Perkel’s Voter’s Guide

A few days ago I emailed you about the election and our dedication to show up at the polls. At the time I said that I wasn’t going to endorse anyone and didn’t mention who I intend to vote for. It is important that Realists make up their own mind and not follow any leaders. […]