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This post was written by marc on February 7, 2008
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Letter to the Editor

A lot of people are saying that if Obama is the nominee that the Clinton supporters will vote for Obama, while saying that Obama supporters might not support Clinton. As a Clinton supporter I’m having a hard time warming up to Obama. Many of us really like Hillary and Bill Clinton and we want to go back to the days of peace and prosperity and real solutions to real problems. So when Obama surrogate call Bill Clinton a racist, we resent it. When Obama says that Hillary is in the pocket of the lobbyists, we resent it. When we hear Obama surrogates talking about the Clintons the way the Republicans talk about the Clintons, we really resent it.

The nominee will be going up against John McCain who is so offensive to conservatives that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have threatened to vote for Hillary. Although those of us who love Hillary will probably not vote McCain, it can not be assumed that we are going to support Obama. Many of us are very deeply offended and I’m trying to like Obama and it’s just not happening. I would warn Obama supporters that being anti-Clinton might result in a Republican president.

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Marc. I agree with you on this 100%. I am a Bartcop Pillar. And I am usually a Yellow Dog Democrat. However, if Obama continues to Slime either Bill or Hillary, he will get nothing from me. The accusation that Bill may be racist is one of the most despicable things I have have heard in years. AND, to accuse someone of being racist when that person has been one of the biggest supporters of Civil Rights is even more despicable. If Obama wants to bring race into this contest, he will lose. Bigtime!

Written By LaptopNerd on February 8th, 2008 @ 4:01 pm

I sent the following e-mail to where Marc Perkel’s blog was posted:
I’ve been retired in Florida since 1994 where the Democratic voters have been getting screwed by the Republicans for at least eight years and now are being screwed by the Democratic party. I want to comment on the note by Marc Perkel about the Clintons and Obama where you appeared to be dissing him. I assume that it is because you believe we should vote for the Democratic nominee even if it is Joe Lieberman. Tom Tomorrow just had a comment ( that if his readers want to understand why the far right hates McCain, they should think of how they would feel if Lieberman had just captured the Democratic nomination.
When I read Perkel’s words I was shocked that someone else saw it way I do. You would never know it from the MSM. I agree with every word that Perkel wrote. I would go farther and say that Obama seems to me to be a Lieberman wantabe.
Obama’s praise of Reagan and saying that he was a better president than Bill Clinton hit me right in the face. The actions of the Reagan/Bush administration were destroying our country and were the reason that I stopped voting Republican even though I was still registered as one. When Bill Clinton and the Democratic Congress (with Al Gore’s tie-breaking vote) increased taxes on the well-off in 1993 and got us back on the right fiscal track, I switched parties. I liken what Clinton did then to what LBJ did for civil rights. Both actions hurt the Democratic Party but they were the right thing to do for the country. And both took a lot of courage in the face of stiff opposition.
Obama’s statements on Social Security sounded like they were coming out of Dubya’s mouth. I realized during one of Bill Clinton’s debates that he understood the Social Security system. The problem is not with Social Secuity but with our national debt of which the SS Trust Fund is a part. SS is the only part of the goverment required by law to have a 75-year financial plan using pessimistic assumptions. The silver lining is that law is why SS is in such GOOD shape.
And Obama is the only one of the Democratic candidates that I can remember (Kucincich, Edwards…) that doesn’t want universal healthcare.

Written By jackneff on February 9th, 2008 @ 8:53 am

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