Obama Chicken to Debate Hillary!

This post was written by marc on February 7, 2008
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Letter to the Editor

I find it interesting that Obama is afraid to take on Clinton in as many debates as offered. Hillary isn’t showing any hesitation accepting the challenge. With the race for president tied Democrats are looking for a way to choose their best candidate. Debates are the best way to do this because it’s a one on one battle of ideas. It’s a fair fight for the hearts and minds of the voters. If Barak runs away from a fair fight then he’s admitting through his conduct that Hillary is better qualified to be president.

If Barak Obama is too much of a coward to go up against Hillary Clinton in a debate, then how can America believe that he’s ready to up against terrorists like Osama bin Laden? Are we going to risk America’s future on a man who is afraid to debate Hillary? I think not!

Reader Comments

Are you suggesting Obama should talk to Hillary rather than to the people…

He’s filling up Arena’s talking to people. Why would he want to play the old politics game of debating and trying to attack/defend…

I like Hillary, but the more I get the know Obama, the more I understand that is what this Country needs right now…

Written By lami on February 13th, 2008 @ 6:53 am

I am totally amazed at how ignorant people are of Hillary Clinton. It seems that the media bias against Hillary is actually working on people. The more condescending Obama gets when speaking of Hillary the more I see him as a typical male. If you can’t fight a woman with intelligence, fight her with veiled insults.

People in the general population are often more like school children, they don’t research anything, their education comes from the media, who pretends to give use the news, but rather manipulates our choices.

He thinks his movement is so inspiring and so right on that he doesn’t have to debate her anymore. Personally I think he is scared that this time she might really take him to task on his own record, since he seems to be so good at misrepresenting and twisting hers and allows the media to do much of his trashing of Hillary for him. And from what I have seen of CNN and fox and Msnbc, they are doing a good job of it.

The media is playing us and we aren’t smart enough to see it. Obama is a smart guy, he knows that there is allot of hatred of the Clinton’s out there and makes it very clear everywhere he speaks. People really are as gullible as the media assumes they are.

The republican nominee doesn’t want to go up against Clinton, she knows too much about them. Obama is who they want to go up against and he is the media darling, so they are going to push him right to the top, so that the republicans can rip him to pieces in the general.

Most of the hatred of the Clinton’s is irrational and uneducated, but the media relies on our laziness, they know we fall for their spin and are relying on it.

I have watched CNN for 8 years and have never seen such endless snide comments about Hillary Clinton and such praise for a man much less known. That should tell the viewer something, but they know that people vote more with their emotions and that people get their information from them, rather than research.. so we will get what we deserve in the end for being so gullible and so lazy.

If you think Obama is an angel you haven’t done your home work. Or maybe worse, you haven’t noticed the source of his homework. He knows exactly what you want to hear and your falling for hit hook line and sinker.

Notice how Obama is complaining about the super delegates at every opportunity? If those super delegates were in his favor, do you think he would be concerned if they didn’t favor clinton? Come on folks, he knew full well how the process works before he decided to run.

So the media is pushing the unfairness of the super delegates, NOW? Well of course they are. They are saying that if the super delegates favor her and the people want Obama, that it will be unfair? Again, did he not know the process or what? Sure he knew, but if it makes the Obama supporters furious and they all freak out, the democratic side will crumble, just what the media wants you to believe. They are actually telling you this for a reason, they want that fight to happen, so that Clinton looks like the evil one. They want to force the super delegates to choose Obama.. geez how transparent can the media get.. But of course I would be called cynical rather than perceptive.

Was anyone at all surprised by his last few wins? Now Clinton is being called a bitch because she dismissed the losses? Yet they would have called her a bitch if she said anything about it at all.

Instead of being mad at the Clinton’s we should be mad as hell at the media from trying to manipulate us. CNN says that this administration lies to us, they should know, shouldn’t they. If we really want change, it can’t be just in the government, it has to be in the news outlets too. But I don’t see that happening as long as they can manipulate the public for their own agenda.

Well I could go on but I’ve probably said too much already.. grin

Written By boo2 on February 13th, 2008 @ 8:11 pm

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