Let’s stop the illegal wiretapping – Challenge to candidates

This post was written by marc on February 23, 2008
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Dear Church of Reality Members,

Let’s stop the illegal wiretapping – Challenge to candidates

The Bush administration has again authorized illegal wiretapping of our phones. He has the cooperation of the phone companies who Congress he wants Congress to give immunity to. The vote essentially authorizes the President to break the law. Nixon must be spinning in his grave to not hav thought of it. Here’s the article:


Tying this into the election. Many of you have a different opinion as to who should be president. A say let’s put them to the test. I will support the candidate who can show the kind of leadership necessary to be president. I want to challenge all the presidential candidates to be the one who draws the line in the sand and tells Bush that we will not allow him to break the law. I’m going to be sending the message to press@hillaryclinton.com, and contributions@hillaryclinton.com. I don’t have email addresses for the other candidates, but if someone come up with some I’ll pass it on. Can’t find an email address on the Obama site.

Oh – and – you can also pick up the phone and call them. If someone has some inside phone numbers or inside email addresses let me know and I’ll pass them on to you.

What I want is for someone to be the leader. That Clinton or Obama lead the Democrats and make them vote against immunity for the phone companies. And I’m not just talking that they should vote against it, I’m saying that they can distinguish themselves from the other candidates by taking a stand, leading their party, and winning this fight. Same thing on the Republican side. McCain, Huckabeee, or Ron Paul can step forward and demand that the Republicans oppose this bill and kill it.

So I’m asking each and every one of you to spread this challenge as far and wide as you can but in particular target your favorite candidate with this message of challenge. Use your powers as leader to rally the people for law and order. If for example Obama called on his cult followers to storm the whitehouse and demand that the rule of law applies to everyone then he wins. Same thing for Hillary. This is the chance for one of them in articular to actually stand for something and distinguish themselves on the basis of courage, something that in my opinion neither on has shown. Hillary is rightly accused of having judgment problems. Obama is rightly accused of being just talk. Both are true. This is thier chance to settle this once and for all. And whoever is first wins.

A President has to be a leader and if they can’t lead their own party then how are they going to lead a nation is a time of crisis? Which ever one makes it happen will win the election. So – those of you who support Obama, he’s your big chance to finish her off. Those of you who support Hillary, here’s her chance to show she has the experience and good judgment to lead. Everyone talks change, but who can make it happen?

Please bombard the candidates with this. Thanks in advance for making it happen.

About Reality

I’m beginning to think Reality is a word that some people are very uncomfortable with. It’s like talking about death and sex. Very heavy denial. But reality is something wonderful and the more I learn the more fascinating it is. There’s nothing more interesting to me than reality. But we need to find ways to get people used to talking about reality and being reality positive. Reality is our friend. Because if not for reality none of us would have a reality to be real in. Many religions teach that this “material world” is some sort of sinful place and that this world (reality) should be ignored. We need to write new software for the collective mind and make reality something that we all respect. Respect Reality – Hey! I like it! Someone put it on a t-shirt!

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality
“A single email can change the course of human history”

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