Who’s blacker?

Wow! I thought Obama was the black candidate? Who thought Bill Richards was blacker?

The Power Hungry Bitch vs. the Smooth Talking Nigger

For those of you who are offended by the word nigger, my question is why aren’t you offended by the word bitch. Calling Hillary a “power hungry bitch” is extremely sexist but somehow acceptable. However calling Obama a “smooth talking nigger” is extremely racist and not acceptable. Apparently sexist is ok but racist isn’t. Which […]

Hillary did NOT vote for the war in Iraq

This is probably beyond the mental bandwidth of most people and certainly the the mental capacity of the news media, but it’s time someone explained the Iraq vote for those who want to actually understand it. The resolution to empower Bush to start a war with Iraq came at a time when Saddam refused to […]

Why a coin flip is the right way to resolve Clinton/Obama race

The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner again and the only way to really resolve the Clinton/Obama race is to flip a coin. The race is a tie. The voters want both of them. The solution, flip a coin. Winner gets to run for president. Loser is VP. Why the race is tied A […]

Maybe Clinton and Obama should just flip a coin?

Letter to the Editor Depending on how the race for president goes maybe Clinton and Obama should just flip a coin. The winner gets to run for president. The loser has the option to be the Vice President. I think that either Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton are winning tickets. If the election is so close where […]