Hillary did NOT vote for the war in Iraq

This post was written by marc on March 11, 2008
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This is probably beyond the mental bandwidth of most people and certainly the the mental capacity of the news media, but it’s time someone explained the Iraq vote for those who want to actually understand it.

The resolution to empower Bush to start a war with Iraq came at a time when Saddam refused to let inspectors in to check for weapons of mass destruction. The idea behind the resolution was to create a threat to get Saddam to back down and let the inspectors in.

And – to that end it worked. After the resolution was passed Saddam backed down and let the inspectors in. Under normal conditions this would have been a success.

If it had been any other president other than Bush this would have been the correct decision. Once the inspectors went in there were no weapons and it would all have been over. But because it was Bush he abused his authority and went to war fabricating a reason to justify it. No other president would have done that.

At that time however it was clear to me and a lot of other people that Bush was a madman and that if you give him a change to start a war he will. Hillary made the mistake of trusting that Bush was going to do the right thing. So if there’s any blame it’s that Hillary trusted Bush wouldn’t abuse his power to start an illegal war. But Hillary didn’t vote for the war. No one in Congress did. And every single Democrats (except for maybe Lieberman) would take their vote back if they knew ow Bush was going to abuse the authority.

In September of 2002 Al Gore came to San Francisco to talk at the Commonwealth Club. Al Gore spoke out SUPPORTING the resolution that Hillary voted for. At the end of his talk I interrupted him and confronted him saying that some of us are more afraid of Bush than Saddam. He looked at me like I was crazy and said that I can’t be serious. I most certainly was. And I’m looking forward to saying I told you so.

So Obama’s statement that Hillary voted for the war if just plain false.

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