Clinton vs. Obama – Electability based on general election rules

If the Clinton Obama contest were held according to general election rules this is where the candidates would stand today. This is without the Democratic party’s funny election rules. In the general election it’s winner take all based on the popular vote of the state. And in the general election Florida and Michigan will count. […]

The Electability Issue

Letter to the Editor A lot of people are talking about which candidate is most electable. Unfortunately the Democratic party’s primary rules do not reflect the rules of the general election. In the primary votes are divided up proportionally, but in the general election it’s winner take all. In the primary the Democrats say that […]

Three Candidates to choose from

Letter to the Editor America has three candidates to choose from to fix our ailing economy and put us back on the right track. One has a history of turning deficits into surpluses. One has a history of turning surpluses into deficits. And the third one has no history at all. I’m supporting the one […]

Clinton wins despite being outspent

Letter to the Editor Clinton beat Obama by double digits even though she was outspent by over 3 to 1. He’s good at raising money. She’s good at winning elections against the odds. Seems to me that if Obama were Hillary’s fund raiser the combination would be unstoppable.

Media Picking Democratic Candidate

One of the reasons I’m supporting Hillary is that I don’t want the news media picking the Democratic candidate. The news media has always favored Republicans and it’s clear to me that they would rather have a Democrat with no history of experience or accomplishment run against McCain rather than a candidate that is fully […]

Allow sect mothers to stay with their children

I am concerned with the way the families of the sect members of Zion Ranch in Texas are being treated. While it may be true that they are a cult and there was abuse there, we have to remember that these people are individuals. Many of these people were born into this life and this […]

I didn’t see the Pennsylvania Debate last night

But I did see the CNN coverage. Since CNN showed no clips I’ll have to assume that Hillary must have kicked Obama’s ass.