San Bruno branch of Wells Fargo Bank is the WORST!

June 12 2008 – If you are a Wells Fargo Bank customer like I am you’ll want to avoid one branch in particular. The San Bruno California branch of Wells Fargo Bank is in my experience the worst of all the branches I’ve been to. They still can’t process a deposit properly. As many of […]

Israel wants Bush to Attack Iran

Letter to the Editor Just and McCain’s top adviser announced that terrorism is good for McCain we now hear that Israel is trying to prod Bush into attacking Iran, I think if Israel wants a war it should fight it’s own battles. We are not the puppets of the Israelis. It’s just one of those […]

War with Iran and Price of Gas

Letter to the Editor For those who think we should start yet another war with Iran you better be prepared to pay over $10 a gallon for gas, and that’s if you can get gas at all. Bad decisions result in bad consequences. America is on the verge of collapse and yet another useless war […]

Nancy Pelosi is Unfit for Leadership

Letter to the Editor It’s bad enough that Pelosi has unconditionally taken impeachment off the table but now she is collaborating with Bush to cover up criminal activity with the passage of a bill that gives phone companies immunity from Bush spying on us. The only reason to vote for Democrats is that they aren’t […]

I will publish recorded phone calls made my members of Congress

I, blogger Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality, am extending an open offer to publish recorded phone calls of members of Congress. I’m especially interested in publishing the personal phone calls of members of Congress who voted for giving immunity to telecoms who were illegally spying on Americans. If they can spy on […]

Spy Bill would make Democrats Collaborators

Letter to the Editor Congress is considering giving phone companies who illegally spied on US citizens immunity if their illegal spying was a result of Bush’s illegal request for them to break the law. I think this sets a bad example allowing companies to break the law if a politician asks them to. It’s bad […]

McCain vs. McCain on Oil Drilling

Letter to the Editor Political maverick John McCain came out today declaring that gas prices are too high and that we need to start drilling off out own coast after his twin Bush declared the same thing. But just a few years ago maverick McCain was standing up to his fellow Republicans opposing off shore […]

Elections and Investing

Letter to the Editor If McCain becomes president what should the smart investor buy? I think there’s an opportunity in red ink futures. From printing war pictures with lots of blood to printing the federal budget the demand for red ink continues to rise. Another investment opportunity is to buy stock in companies that make […]

Republicans can’t have it both ways with women

Letter to the Editor John McCain is trying to make a bid to win over Clinton supporters while at the same time the Republicans have begun demonizing his Michele Obama. If Republicans are going to make Michele Obama the woman conservatives love to hate then they might lose the woman vote. Weman who support Hillary […]

Straight Talk about Gay Marriage

Letter to the Editor There’s an old saying, “Be careful what you ask for because you might get it.” Gay marriage may well be an example of that. As a heterosexual who has been there and done that I think that a better solution to equality would have been to take marriage away from non-reproducing […]

It’s not McCain’s age – it’s his judgment!

Letter to the Editor John McCain’s campaign is accusing Democrats of ageism because they say McCain is “confused”, “oblivious”, and “out of touch”. But this isn’t a criticism of McCain’s age because Bush is far younger than McCain and Bush is also confused, oblivious, and out of touch. McCain is just like Bush who is […]

Is Michele Obama America’s new First Witch?

Letter to the Editor Now that we don’t have Hillary Clinton to kick around anymore has Michele Obama become First Witch? Fox News is already referring to her as “Obama’s baby Moma”. While it may appeal to white Republican men I rather doubt it’s going to attract women to the Republican ticket.

Obama puts change on the table

Letter to the Editor Both Obama and McCain are claiming to be candidates supporting change. Today Obama managed to get the Democrats to refuse money from lobbyists, something no one else has ever done. The way I see it – that’s a lot of change. So that raises the question, can John McCain match that? […]

Obama declares victory on Republican Turf

Letter to the Editor I’ve seen a lot of brilliant political moves in my time but what Barrack Obama did tonight was incredibly impressive. Not only did he give a visionary and inspirational speech but he did it in the very same hall where the Republican convention is going to be held. Now when the […]

Obama drops out and still gets delegates?

Letter to the Editor I have to wonder what would happen if Hillary had dropped out of the Michigan primary and then she came back wanting half the votes. Do you think the Democrat party would have given it to her the way they gave it to Obama? I always thought that when you drop […]