San Bruno branch of Wells Fargo Bank is the WORST!

This post was written by marc on June 30, 2008
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June 12 2008 – If you are a Wells Fargo Bank customer like I am you’ll want to avoid one branch in particular. The San Bruno California branch of Wells Fargo Bank is in my experience the worst of all the branches I’ve been to. They still can’t process a deposit properly.

As many of you know, I’m in the Spam Filtering and Web Hosting business. I host about 350 web sites and filter spam for about 4000 domains. Most people pay online with a credit card but I still get checks in the mail. And when you get checks in the mail sometimes who they make it out to is a little off.

For example, I have software sales and people pay “Computer Tyme Software”. But for hosting it’s called “Computer Tyme Hosting”. The spam filtering is “Junk Email Filter”. I also do email hosting through my “MarxMail” web site.

So about twice a month I gather up all the checks and go to the bank to make a deposit. I can go to every other branch of Wells Fargo Bank and just hand them my pile of checks and they deposit it. Some are made out to Computer Tyme and some to Junk Email Filter and it’s not a problem.

However – if I go to the San Bruno Branch of Wells Fargo Bank it’s a different story. Even though both names are on the account half of the time they refuse to process the checks unless they are made out exactly to “Computer Tyme Software”. If it just says “Computer Tyme” or “Computer Tyme Hosting” – they object. And if it’s make out to Junk Email Filter they also give me a hard time.

Not only do they screw up but they are insulting and confrontational about it. Every time I file a complaint online and someone usually calls me to apologize, Wells Fargo Bank of San Bruno just keeps doing it over and over.

This last time the manager there was a real asshole. His name is Amir. They had refused to process my deposit. I left and went up the road to the South San Francisco branch of Wells Fargo Bank where they made the deposit without and hassle at all. They were both professional and respectful as they were the last time this very thing happened.

This time however I took the deposit slip back to the San Bruno Branch of Wells Fargo Bank and showed them that other branches had no problem with the deposit. They insisted that all the other Wells Fargo Bank branches were doing it wrong and they were the only ones doing it right. Then the manager made the snide remark that he had “put a note” on my account. I said, “Oh yeah? What did the note say?” and he refused to tell me.

So now they are trying to somehow punish me by putting secret notes on my account and refusing to tell me what the note says. is this any way to treat a customer? Is this the way that banks get more business? Is this the way Wells Fargo Bank trains it’s management to behave?

So – if Wells Fargo is going to put a secret note on my account that I can’t see then I’m going to put a public note on the internet and expose them for what they are doing. The San Bruno branch of Wells Fargo Bank isn’t the only one who can play that game. We’ll see how their secret note compares to my public note on the Internet. When it comes to being an asshole – I usually win.

This Wells Fargo Bank branch is located at 875 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066. (650) 875-7064 – be sure to tell them you saw them listed on my blog!

I have been with this bank for 8 years. None of my checks that I’ve deposited have ever bounced. All I want to do is to be able to walk in and deposit and checks without having to get into an argument with morons. Is that too much to ask?

06-30-2008 folowup. Went to the South San Francisco branch with another deposit. Had some Junk Email Filter checks. The lady asked me about it because she said that an “Alert” was placed on my account. The alert said that they were NOT to accept and deposits for checks made out to Junk Email Filter. And she said that Amir was the person who created the alert.

I told them that was a mistake and it should have been an alert to deposit checks made out to Junk Email Filter. They took the checks and made the deposit.

A few days later I called the branch manager at San Bruno and discussed it with her. She claims she took the alert off. We will see what happens next time I try to make a deposit.

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