Whoops he did it again – McCain uses Britney Spears in TV ad

Letter to the Editor Upon seeing McCain using Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in his campaign TV ad all I can say is, Whoops he did it again! Must John McCain take advantages of troubled young women in order to run for president? That doesn’t seem very presidential to me. It make him look like […]

Presidents need to be able to use computers

Letter to the Editor This is the 21st century and presidents need to be able to use computers. So when John McCain says when asked about his computer skills, “I am a illiterate who has to rely on my wife for all the assistance I can get”, that’s scary. A person who is computer illiterate […]

McCain accepts tax increases?

Letter to the Editor John McCain, addressing the issue of Social Security angered conservatives Sunday saying “I don’t want tax increases. But that doesn’t mean that anything is off the table.” Just a few days before McCain seemed to be warming up to Obama’s timetable of getting out of Iraq in 16 months. At this […]

Obama and Bush both draw big crowds overseas

Letter to the Editor Both Bush and Obama both draw large crowds when traveling overseas. But when Obama goes overseas the crowds are waiving the American flag and cheering. When Bush goes overseas the crowds are burning the American flag and protesting. And that’s in countries that like us. I’m looking forward to having a […]

Did McCain say the “T” word?

Letter to the Editor John McCain has been fiercely opposed to timetables for getting out of Iraq. Anyone suggesting that we get out of Iraq before defeating the enemy, according to McCain, was practically a traitor. McCain indicated he was willing to stay in Iraq for 100 years and said, “Obama would rather lose a […]

Bush sends negotiator to Iran but not to negotiate

Letter to the Editor Under pressure from conservatives not to cave in and “negotiate with the enemy” but at the same time trying to avert war, Bush has decided to “compromise” by sending a top diplomat to a conference with Iran, but with instructions not to engage in diplomacy. Even though we are sending a […]

A Time Horizon is not a Timetable

Letter to the Editor Bush is now talking about a “time horizon” for bringing the troops home from Iraq. Not to be confused with a timetable like Obama has been saying because Obama can’t be allowed to say, “I told you so!” A time horizon is something else. I’m not sure exactly what the difference […]

Israel’s Decisions make no Sense

Letter to the Editor In the last few days Israel has traded the release of murders and terrorists in exchange to get back the bodies of dead people Not only does it make no sense to trade live people to get back dead people, but one has to assume that the terrorists released will go […]

It depends on what you define as success

Letter to the Editor Everybody is claiming that the surge has worked in Iraq and they are calling the surge a success. I suppose it all depends on what your definition of “success” is. If you start with a disaster and you throw more men and money at it and it becomes slightly less of […]

High Prices result of Iraq War

Letter to the Editor The Iraq war has a price and as Bush would say, “There’s no Magic Wand” that’s going to make the trillions of dollars we spent there on the federal credit card just go away. Poor judgment generally leads to poor results and the high cost of gas, food, medical, bank failures, […]

Republicans Think 100 years ahead

Letter to the Editor Today Bush lifted the presidential ban on off shore drilling as part of the Republican’s long term plan to cut the cost of gasoline. Long term in that it will take 10 to 20 years before it has any affect. It’s all part of the Republican’s long term plan to switch […]

Critics don’t understand how FISA protects us

Letter to the Editor The critics who claim that the passage of the FISA bill that allows the government to spy on us and gives the phone companies immunity for helping Bush break the law, don’t understand how stripping us of our liberties protects us. What they don’t understand is that the terrorists hate us […]

Jackson should apologize on Imus

Letter to the Editor I think Jesse Jackson should apologize for his remarks about Obama in Don Imus’s show. Jackson enjoys rubbing everyone else’s nose in it when they misspeak so when the Reverend Jesse Jackson makes a comment about cutting off Obama’s testicles I think he deserves more punishment.

Who do you want spying on you?

Letter to the Editor Now that both Obama and McCain voted for the FISA spy bill we are stuck with a choice. Do we want Obama spying on us or McCain spying on us? It appears that Obama is NOT “Change we can believe in” and McCain is anything but “Straight Talk”. What a pathetic […]

McCain balance the budget? ah ha ha ha

Letter to the Editor John McCain says he’s going to balance the budget? What a joke. He wants us to stay in two of Bush’s wars and maybe start a third one if Bush and his buddy Joe Lieberman get their way. McCain also wants to cut more taxes for the rich in spite of […]

It’s not that McCain is old it’s that he’s boring

Letter to the Editor Some people think that McCain’s age is a big problem for him but I don’t agree. I think his problem is that he’s just plain boring. McCain tries to talk like a maverick but then he folds on every issue he tries to stand up for. McCain has contradicted himself so […]

We don’t question McCain’s service, just his judgment

Letter to the Editor John McCain thinks people like General Wesley Clark are attacking his service. But McCain’s service isn’t the issue. The issue is McCain’s judgment. McCain voted for Bush’s war and he has been wrong, is currently wrong, and has the wrong vision for the future. Being a POW doesn’t prepare you for […]

Ku Klux Klan to endorse Obama

Letter to the Editor If gas prices keep going up the way they have been even the Ku Klux Klan will eventually endorse Obama for president.