Critics don’t understand how FISA protects us

Letter to the Editor The critics who claim that the passage of the FISA bill that allows the government to spy on us and gives the phone companies immunity for helping Bush break the law, don’t understand how stripping us of our liberties protects us. What they don’t understand is that the terrorists hate us […]

Jackson should apologize on Imus

Letter to the Editor I think Jesse Jackson should apologize for his remarks about Obama in Don Imus’s show. Jackson enjoys rubbing everyone else’s nose in it when they misspeak so when the Reverend Jesse Jackson makes a comment about cutting off Obama’s testicles I think he deserves more punishment.

Who do you want spying on you?

Letter to the Editor Now that both Obama and McCain voted for the FISA spy bill we are stuck with a choice. Do we want Obama spying on us or McCain spying on us? It appears that Obama is NOT “Change we can believe in” and McCain is anything but “Straight Talk”. What a pathetic […]

McCain balance the budget? ah ha ha ha

Letter to the Editor John McCain says he’s going to balance the budget? What a joke. He wants us to stay in two of Bush’s wars and maybe start a third one if Bush and his buddy Joe Lieberman get their way. McCain also wants to cut more taxes for the rich in spite of […]