Israel’s Decisions make no Sense

Letter to the Editor In the last few days Israel has traded the release of murders and terrorists in exchange to get back the bodies of dead people Not only does it make no sense to trade live people to get back dead people, but one has to assume that the terrorists released will go […]

It depends on what you define as success

Letter to the Editor Everybody is claiming that the surge has worked in Iraq and they are calling the surge a success. I suppose it all depends on what your definition of “success” is. If you start with a disaster and you throw more men and money at it and it becomes slightly less of […]

High Prices result of Iraq War

Letter to the Editor The Iraq war has a price and as Bush would say, “There’s no Magic Wand” that’s going to make the trillions of dollars we spent there on the federal credit card just go away. Poor judgment generally leads to poor results and the high cost of gas, food, medical, bank failures, […]

Republicans Think 100 years ahead

Letter to the Editor Today Bush lifted the presidential ban on off shore drilling as part of the Republican’s long term plan to cut the cost of gasoline. Long term in that it will take 10 to 20 years before it has any affect. It’s all part of the Republican’s long term plan to switch […]