Bush sends negotiator to Iran but not to negotiate

This post was written by marc on July 18, 2008
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Letter to the Editor

Under pressure from conservatives not to cave in and “negotiate with the enemy” but at the same time trying to avert war, Bush has decided to “compromise” by sending a top diplomat to a conference with Iran, but with instructions not to engage in diplomacy. Even though we are sending a negotiator to the negotiations, we’re not negotiating. Bush obviously doesn’t want to appear to admit that Obama was right so that McCain doesn’t look like an idiot, but for some reason Bush doesn’t want to start or be sucked into yet another war. (Which is somewhat of a surprise in itself.)

It’s going to be interesting to see where Maverick McCain stands now. Does he admit that Obama was right all along? Does he stick with with the position that Bush abandoned of “no negotiating with the enemy”? Or does he take the middle road and send a negotiator not to negotiate?

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