Obama just won the election! OMFG!!!

Letter to the Editor “Change doesn’t come from Washington. Change comes TO Washington!!!!” There is no way that Obama can lose this election with a line like that! Today, my friends, the future is no longer what it used to be.

Does McCain think Romney is a pig?

Letter to the Editor Now that Obama has picked Joe Biden as his running mate it raises the question if McCain is going to pick Mitt Romney for his running mate. That would be an interesting choice because McCain once said of Romney, “Never get into a wrestling match with a pig. You both get […]

Do we really know how many homes we own?

Letter to the Editor The liberal media is making fun of John McCain as if he were some kind of elitist because he can’t remember how many homes he owns. Well I say, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!” After all, how many of us really know how many homes we […]

War Based Fuels

Letter to the Editor There is a lot of talk about energy these days. There are green fuels, carbon based fuels, and a new concept I’d like to introduce, the war based fuel. A war based fuel is an energy source that involves war to get it or has a side effect of creating weapons […]

Listening to the Troops on the Ground

Letter to the Editor John McCain keeps saying that we should listen to the troops on the ground in Iraq. But the troops on the ground have donated 6 times as much money to Barrack Obama. So I agree with McCain. We should listen to the troops on the ground and elect Obama. The troops […]

Today we are all Russians

Letter to the Editor I just want to thank the Russians for stepping in and putting and end to the aggression that was started by Georgia’s nut case president Mikheil Saakashvili. The Russians are our allies and our friends. Georgia started the war and Russia reestablished the peace. I also want to thank the president […]

McCain’s Foreign Policy Adviser on Georgia’s Payroll

Letter to the Editor McCain, posing as if he were the president, declared “We are all Georgians now”, and practically declared war on Russia. But it turns out that McCain’s foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, is a lobbyist. His firm, Orion Strategies, an active supporter of advocacy groups supporting the Iraq war, has received $800,000 […]

Somebody Tell McCain the Cold War is Over

Letter to the Editor John McCain might be old and “experienced” but I guess he wasn’t paying attention when they ended the cold war. In a world that is trying to restore the peace McCain is acting like an idiot and playing music from the movie “Rocky”. Makes me wonder if the Russians are thinking […]

John McCain – Risky Candidate

Letter to the Editor With violence breaking out between Russia and Georgia it raises the question if we can afford to take a chance electing a president who has shown poor judgment on foreign policy. John McCain was wrong on the Iraq war and even to this day has yet to admit that he made […]

Too bad we’re stuck in Iraq

Letter to the Editor America can’t do anything about what ‘s happening between Russia and Georgia because we’re stuck in Iraq. Our military resources have been squandered. Another price we pay for fighting a war that should never have been started.

Edwards Confession part of Democratic Political Ploy

Letter to the Editor The Edwards confession, that he had an affair with a woman while his wife was ill, is not what it seems to be. It is a plot! A scheme! A ploy by the Democrats to smear John McCain’s reputation because he did something similar with his first wife. Was Obama behind […]

John Edwards! OMFG!!!!

Letter to the Editor I’m shocked! I’m stunned! What was he thinking?!! All I know for sure is – John Edwards is NOT going to be VP. Sitting here stunned. What if he had been the nominee? Oh my GOD! (And I’m an atheist!)

Anthrax Case not Solved

Letter to the Editor Although the government wants to sweep the anthrax investigation under the rug and call it solved I’m not believing it. It was clear at the time as it still is now that the purpose of the anthrax attack was for the purpose of passing the so called “Patriot Act”. The targets […]