War Based Fuels

This post was written by marc on August 19, 2008
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Letter to the Editor

There is a lot of talk about energy these days. There are green fuels, carbon based fuels, and a new concept I’d like to introduce, the war based fuel. A war based fuel is an energy source that involves war to get it or has a side effect of creating weapons used in war. Oil is a war based fuel because it causes countries to go to war to get it. Nuclear is also a war based fuel because the fuel can be diverted to be used in nuclear weapons. Just having nuclear makes you a threat.

So when we discuss what fuel we should put our efforts into, lets not drill here now. Let us get away from war based fuels and move to renewable resources. Oil and nuclear are too expensive especially when you add in the costs of the wars required to maintain them. If we focus on solar, wind, and other green fuels then we can start to wean ourselves off of oil and not have to go to war over a resource that we are running out of, or something that’s going to overheat the planet.

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