Desperate Housewives is BACK!

This post was written by marc on September 1, 2008
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Letter to the Editor

I was really disappointed this year when the ABC TV series “Desperate Housewives” went off the air. But now with John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin it’s like the series is back. Governor Sarah Palin’s story has all the intrigue and anticipation of the TV series. I just can’t wait to find out!

Did Sarah’s daughter really have the baby she calls her 5th child or is the child really Bristol’s baby? Why didn’t her staff know she was pregnant? Did Sarah use her position as governor to try to get her brother-in-law fired who is involved in a child custody battle with her sister? If not, why is she now hiring a lawyer? Was Sarah for the “Bridge to Nowhere” before she was against it? Was Sarah really a member of the Alaskan Independence Party that wants Alaska to secede from the United States? What is Sarah’s relationship to Ted Stevens? Was her husband Todd arrested for drunk driving? Will McCain force Chris to marry Bristol and will Dick Cheney be the one holding the shot gun at the wedding?

I’m beginning to think the Sarah Palin sequel to Desperate Housewives will be the much better than the original series.

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