Republicans and Democrats have different messages

This post was written by marc on September 3, 2008
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Letter to the Editor

After watching both the Democratic and Republican conventions I see a different message coming from each camp. The Democrats speak the language of peace. The Republicans speak the language of war. The Democrats talk about unity, that we are one country and one people. The Republicans are divisive. They talk of people like us vs. people like them. The Democrats see a future of peace and prosperity. Republicans talk of war, service, and the honor of service and sacrifice.

The Democrats call for getting off of carbon based fuels in 10 years advocating wind and solar and dealing with the issue of global warming. The Republicans call is “drill here now”. More oil, more coal, and more nuclear. The Democrats stress the economy. The Republicans stress abortion. The Republicans claim we are on the verge of victory in Iraq. The Democrats believe you can never win a war that should never have been fought in the first place.

But one thing both parties are running against is the last 8 years of George Bush. America went from the biggest surplus in the history of the world to the biggest deficit in the history of the world. We went from $1.00 a gallon gas to $4.00 a gallon gas. We went from the most respected nation to the most feared nation. We went from a nation who said “Never Again!” after the concentration camps in Germany were liberated to a nation that has accepted the use of torture. We are a nation of secret prison camps and a nation where the government listens in on our phone calls and both parties and both candidates approved it. We have allowed the Tobacco lobbyists to pass out checks on the floor of the Senate during a vote. We have allowed the insurance companies to determine when to pull the plug. Churches have gone from being funded by tithing to being funded by the government. And as they say, one can not server two masters.

So we have to ask ourselves, who are we? What have we become and what do we want to be? Do we want our cars to be electric or still run on gasoline 10 years from now? Do we want war or do we want peace? Do we want a planet that continues to get hotter or do we want to address the issue of clean energy? Are we in the “End Times” or are our best days still ahead of us. Clearly we all want change. This election is about whether you believe change comes from Washington, or if change comes to Washington. Who do you believe will create the future you want to see?

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