If Palin can’t take the heat she should stay out of the kitchen

This post was written by marc on September 8, 2008
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Letter to the Editor

I’m getting tired of the unknown Alaska governor whining about the news media. We don’t know who she is and she’s running for the nation’s second highest office. And since she is running on family related issues, asking family related questions are fair game.

For example, if Obama had 5 kids including a special needs newborn and a pregnant teen daughter that would be an issue for him too. Palin also opposes contraception, opposes abortion without exception for rape or incest, and advocate abstinence only sex education, so it’s fair to see how those positions are playing out in her life. And why is she running for VP when her children need her now?

Palin also claims she sold the state jet on eBay at a profit when in fact she sold the state jet to a contributor at a loss. She claims she saved the US taxpayers money by opposing the “Bridge to Nowhere” but the reality is that she took the money and didn’t build the bridge. So the taxpayers paid for the bridge to nowhere, but didn’t even get that.

The voters have a right to know who she is and the media has the right to ask that hard questions. If she really is a pit bull then why is she hiding behind John McCain’s skirt? I don’t care if she can kill a moose. What I care about is if she tough enough to handle a press conference. If she is so tough then why is she afraid to come out into the light of day and take the tough questions that every candidate has to answer?

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