Congress should NOT pass a bailout quickly

Letter to the Editor I watched President Bush speak to the nation tonight. The good news is that he came across for the first time as both presidential and articulate. The bad news is a sober, articulate, presidential George Bush is even scarier than his normal childish demeanor. He also failed to articulate any personal […]

Letter to the Editor – Republican Wall Street Welfare Queens

Letter to the Editor The pejorative term “Welfare Queen” is used to describe a lazy irresponsible social pariah who collect government welfare checks through an orgy of fraud, deception, or manipulation, draining society of valuable resources while engaging in immoral behavior. But before you yell “Racist!” I’m not talking about black women. I’m talking about […]

Liberals bailing out Conservatives

Letter to the Editor Now that the conservatives are coming to the taxpayers for a 700 billion dollar bailout I’m wondering what the conservatives are willing to give up in exchange for this massive welfare check? Maybe they should compensate us by giving up the Iraq war and the election? Maybe they should at least […]

Palin needs to do a real press conference

Letter to the Editor Is Sarah Palin ready to be president? One job of being president or vice president is the ability to do a press conference and answer reporter’s questions. It’s been almost a month since this unknown governor of Alaska has been on the Republican ticket and she has yet to come out […]

Will the bailout money be stolen too?

Letter to the Editor If we pass out $700,000,000,000 of our hard earned taxpayer money to the banks who ripped us off, how do we know they aren’t going to rip off our bailout money too? I hope they aren’t going to pass out money now and regulate later.