Crisis? What Crisis?

Letter to the Editor They say we are in the middle of an economic crisis and that the economy is going to die. Yet Congress is off on holiday. So if this is such a crisis then why are they taking a vacation? I’d like to take a vacation too but I’m busy paying off […]

Is it time to panic yet?

Letter to the Editor America is in a scary position. The economy is so bad that that people are too scared to panic. And we are getting close to the point where people are too scared NOT to panic. But whose fault is it really? Clearly it’s Nancy Pelosi’s fault. Why Pelosi? Because she is […]

Churches should not get tax money

Letter to the Editor I have to disagree with the 33 churches who decided to break the law and endorse a candidate. Churches who accept tax deductible money are not allowed to endorse candidates. But churches do it anyway which makes me question if churches, including the Church of Reality which I founded, should be […]