Churches should not get tax money

This post was written by marc on September 30, 2008
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I have to disagree with the 33 churches who decided to break the law and endorse a candidate. Churches who accept tax deductible money are not allowed to endorse candidates. But churches do it anyway which makes me question if churches, including the Church of Reality which I founded, should be allowed to take tax deductible money. I’m considering giving up tax exempt status because of this.

Whenever someone gets to write off tax money they donate to churches then other taxpayers have to pay more taxes to make up for the difference. When a candidate can launder political money through a church it stains both parties. I think the time has come not to silence the clergy, but to free them to say whatever they want. Churches should not be taxed, but they also should not be tax deductible. If we were to eliminate the tax deduction to churches then the issue of what preachers can do goes away. I think that these preachers should focus more on the Gospel and less on money and politics. After all, as they say, one can not server two masters.

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