OMG – I agree with the Republicans!

Letter to the Editor McCain is trying to distance himself from Bush. The Republican party is distancing themselves from Bush. But Bush didn’t screw things up by himself. The Republicans in Congress help make the Bush disaster happen. That’s why at the Republican Convention McCain distanced himself from the Republicans in Congress. But Republicans in […]

If only McCain had picked a different VP

Letter to the Editor When you look back on the drag that Sarah Palin is putting on the McCain ticket it makes you wonder what would have happened if McCain had made a different choice. For example, Governor Mike Huckabee, a true evangelical and a very popular and experienced governor of Arkansas, would have been […]

No Affirmative Action for Republicans!

Letter to the Editor With the polls favoring Obama Republican politicians in House and Senate races are trying to make a unique and interesting argument. They are saying that people should vote for Republicans because they are a minority and that there should be some kind of quota for the number of Republicans elected. What? […]

Time to fill up the gas tank

Letter to the Editor Next Tuesday when you go to vote be sure to fill up your gas tank on that way. Every two years in the first week of November gas traditionally hits it’s lowest price of the two year cycle. Some people think it’s a conspiracy so that the voters will elect politicians […]

Too much lipstick – not enough pig

Letter to the Editor It looks to me like the McCain/Palin ticket has turned into the Palin/McCain ticket now that the lipstick has gone rogue. Ever since the the Republican ticket was called “Lipstick on a Pig” it looks like it’s too much lipstick and not enough pig. If McCain can’t keep lipstick from going […]

I remember when

Letter to the Editor I remember when a home what something you lived in and raised your family in, not something that was traded on wall street. I remember when gasoline what what you put in your car so that you can drive to see your grandparents or drive to work, not something that was […]

McCain counting on Joe the Plumber to win

Letter to the Editor John McCain is relying on “Joe the Plumber” as the symbol of his economic message. But Joe the Plumber’s real first name is really Samuel, and Joe the Plumber doesn’t have a plumbers license. So if “Joe the Plumber” isn’t really Joe and isn’t really a plumber then what does that […]

McCain no longer is in control of his campaign

Letter to the Editor There seems to be open warfare within the McCain camp with McCain advisers calling Sarah Palin a “diva” who is “going rogue” and now she’s a “whack job”? Clearly McCain has lost control of his campaign. Palin is clearly in control. If McCain can’t maintain control in his own presidential campaign, […]

Republicans can’t wait for election to start deficit spending

Letter to the Editor Now that the Republicans are borrowing 5 million dollars to help Republican senators get reelected it would seem that Republicans can’t even wait till the election before they start their old “borrow and spend” habits. That doesn’t sound like change I can believe in. Makes me wonder if the Republicans borrowed […]

Can McCain manage America if he can’t manage his campaign?

Letter to the Editor Apparently people in the McCain camp aren’t getting along. The McCain camp is calling Palin a “diva” and says she’s begun to “go rogue”. Some think she’s thinking about her own future as fingers are being pointed over who’s idea it was to dress up “Caribou Barbie” in $150,000 in elitist […]

Republicans accusing Dems of wealth redistribution

Letter to the Editor I think it’s amazing that Republicans are accusing Democrats of wealth redistribution saying the Democrats are going to “spread the wealth around”. And saying this after the Republicans came to get a trillion dollars in welfare from hard working taxpayers in real America to spread around in handouts for Wall Street. […]

Republicans against one party rule?

Letter to the Editor Republicans are trying to convince voters that they should give them political welfare and vote for them because of the fears that Democrats need an opposition party to keep them from getting their way. Ya know – I don’t remember Republicans raising that as a problem when they controlled everything. If […]

Palin has yet to do a press conference

Letter to the Editor With the election less than 10 days away Sarah Palin has yet to do her first press conference. If she can’t do a press conference then is she really ready to take over as president? It’s just not acceptable for McCain to put forward a candidate who won’t do press conferences. […]

Best Places to spend your political dollar

Senate Races – 10-25-2008 So where is the best place to invest your political dollar in the final 10 days before the election? I think the best investment is in the Senate races. Obama has the presidency won and has an obscene amount of money. So giving to Obama isn’t worth it. McCain will just […]

McCain spends $22,800 on Palin’s hair and makeup

Letter to the Editor Oh no! Make it stop! Make it stop! I’m still laughing about the $150,000 they spent on Palin’s clothes and now we find out that McCain spent $22,800 in a two week period on Palin’s hair and makeup. And this is someone who they are trying to pass off as a […]

Should GOP dump McCain/Palin to save themselves in Congress?

Letter to the Editor The Republican party is going to have to make some tough choices in the final days of this election. Where does the GOP spend their remaining money? (Certainly not on more clothes for Palin.) Do they go all in behind McCain who is almost certain to lose, or do they cut […]

Joe the Plumber – or George the President

Letter to the Editor John McCain is trying to identify himself with the common man “Joe the Plumber”. But considering that he can’t remember how many houses he owns and “Sarah the Governor” is spending $150,000 on clothing John McCain reminds us more of “George the President”.

Who is to blame for Palin $150,000 spending spree?

Letter to the Editor When Palin was described as “Lipstick on a Pig” who would have thought that the lipstick included a $150,000 shopping spree? Now Republicans are trying to explain where the $150,000 came from and why they decided to spend it on clothes. Was it Palin’s idea? Was it McCain’s idea? Or was […]

Will Joe the Plumber replace Palin

Letter to the Editor Some people are wondering with the recent Palin scandals if Joe the Plumber is going to replace Sarah Palin on the ballot. After all, Joe the Plumber has done 3 press conferences and Palin hasn’t done any.

What’s wrong with being and intellectual?

Letter to the Editor I’m really tired of hearing Republicans criticize people for being “intellectuals”. What is wrong with being an intellectual? Over the last 8 years we tried it their way with stupid people in charge and look where it got us. After 8 years of dumb it’s time to try electing smart people, […]

$150,000 for clothes? That’s a house in Real America

Letter to the Editor Sarah Palin – she gets $150,000 in clothes? Out in the small towns where “Real America” is – that’s a house!

Socialism and Spreading the Wealth Around

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to hear McCain criticizing Obama calling him a Socialist and “spreading the wealth around” after McCain just voted for a trillion dollar bailout for the rich. McCain doesn’t seem to have a problem with socialism when it comes to welfare for billionaires. He doesn’t have a problem passing a […]

Powell says Palin not ready

Letter to the Editor General Colin Powell, endorsing Barrack Obama for president, said that one of the reasons is that Sarah Palin is not ready to be president. Perhaps Palin should call a press conference to dispute all those who say she’s not ready. But she doesn’t do press conferences so I guess she can’t […]

Palin has yet to do a press conference

Letter to the Editor It has been almost 2 months since Sarah Palin was picked and she has yet to do either a press conference or a Sunday morning talk show. If the McCain campaign doesn’t think Palin is ready to face the American press then how can anyone think she’s ready to be president? […]

Where is “Real America”? Who are “Real Americans”?

Letter to the Editor John McCain and Sarah Palin have been talking about some place called “Real America”, those small towns where “Real Americans” live. So who are these “Real Americans” that McCain/Palin are talking about? Real Americans are the people who saw 40% their retirement savings vanish in the stock market this month because […]

Blacks should vote early

Letter to the Editor In this election with record numbers of newly registered voters it is important for black people to vote early. Although we live in a country where everyone is equal, as they say, some people are more equal than others. In the past voter lines on election day in black neighborhoods are […]

Time to vote the Republicans Out

Letter to the Editor The citizens of America have little power over the government. What little power we have is mostly limited to voting. So this is our time to do something to fix America. The Republicans caused the mess we are in and we aren’t going to fix America unless we vote the Republicans […]

Is the GOP wasting money on McCain?

Letter to the Editor Is the Republican Party wasting money supporting John McCain by buying expensive ads for him in a hopeless battle against Obama when they could be supporting Republican candidates running for Congress who might have a chance to actually win? I can tell which is falling faster, the stock market or McCain’s […]

Forget Ayers – McCain Transition Chief Lobbied for Saddam

Letter to the Editor McCain has been making a big deal about Obama and Ayers, but look who McCain’s transition chief is. Huffington Post reports, “William Timmons, the Washington lobbyist who John McCain has named to head his presidential transition team, aided an influence effort on behalf of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to ease international […]

There is no such thing as clean coal

Letter to the Editor I keep hearing the phrase “clean coal” along with “drill baby drill” as if these are real solutions to our energy problem. There is no clean coal. Coal is a dirty fuel from the mining to the releasing of carbon dioxide into the air. Drill baby drill just changes the location […]