I just can’t picture Palin as president

Letter to the Editor I watched the VP debate and, who would have thought Joe Biden would be the first one to tear up? Neither side made any serious mistakes and both were interesting to listen to. But the bottom line is that Joe Biden seemed competent and having a deep understanding of the issues. […]

No time for the blame game

Letter to the Editor Many politicians are saying that this is no time to play the blame game and point fingers when talking about the Wall Street bailout. I actually agree. We need to do what is best for the nation and the economy. The time to play the blame game and point fingers is […]

We should not lower the bar for Sarah Palin

Letter to the Editor People are suggesting that we have lowered expectations of Sarah Palin in the Vice President debate. I disagree. In the past we lowered expectations for George W. Bush and look the mess we got. This is what happens when we do not demand the highest standards. So I say to the […]