Rich get tax cut they asked for

Letter to the Editor During the entire Bush administration and the Republican domination of Congress the super rich have been pushing for the total elimination of capital gains taxes. With the record drops in housing prices and the stock market the super rich are getting what they asked for. Most of them won’t owe a […]

What can the People do? VOTE!!

Letter to the Editor With the economy of the world melting down what is it that we as citizens can do about it? There is one thing that we can do. We can vote. And – it is important to start pointing fingers and figuring out who is to blame because if we don’t assign […]

Obama will transform how we see the Black community

Letter to the Editor Barrack Obama is a game changer when it comes to race relations here in America. Once we have a black president the black community has arrived. No longer will black people see themselves the way they used to. It has been a long struggle over the centuries to integrate black people […]