Obama will transform how we see the Black community

This post was written by marc on October 9, 2008
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Letter to the Editor

Barrack Obama is a game changer when it comes to race relations here in America. Once we have a black president the black community has arrived. No longer will black people see themselves the way they used to. It has been a long struggle over the centuries to integrate black people as full members of society. We freed the slaves in the Civil War. In the 60s we ended “Separate but Equal” and blacks made another step forward. But although things have gotten better, we are still two societies, not one.

Obama is the last step. This is full and equal membership in society. This is the point where we end the “us” and “them”. Black people and white people have to understand that “we” are all “us”. We all have to think differently about who we are. Barrack Obama is mixed race. He’s half black and half white. Just as black people see Obama as one of us, we white people see Obama as one of us too.

Not only is Obama one of us but Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are our heroes too. As a white person I want to see the black community take the final step. This is our moment. This is our time to come together and make it happen. We have to come together and transform ourselves from two communities to one. We want you to be an “us” and we want you to see us in the same way. We are all us. Let that be our message to the world.

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