Joe the Plumber – or George the President

Letter to the Editor John McCain is trying to identify himself with the common man “Joe the Plumber”. But considering that he can’t remember how many houses he owns and “Sarah the Governor” is spending $150,000 on clothing John McCain reminds us more of “George the President”.

Who is to blame for Palin $150,000 spending spree?

Letter to the Editor When Palin was described as “Lipstick on a Pig” who would have thought that the lipstick included a $150,000 shopping spree? Now Republicans are trying to explain where the $150,000 came from and why they decided to spend it on clothes. Was it Palin’s idea? Was it McCain’s idea? Or was […]

Will Joe the Plumber replace Palin

Letter to the Editor Some people are wondering with the recent Palin scandals if Joe the Plumber is going to replace Sarah Palin on the ballot. After all, Joe the Plumber has done 3 press conferences and Palin hasn’t done any.

What’s wrong with being and intellectual?

Letter to the Editor I’m really tired of hearing Republicans criticize people for being “intellectuals”. What is wrong with being an intellectual? Over the last 8 years we tried it their way with stupid people in charge and look where it got us. After 8 years of dumb it’s time to try electing smart people, […]

$150,000 for clothes? That’s a house in Real America

Letter to the Editor Sarah Palin – she gets $150,000 in clothes? Out in the small towns where “Real America” is – that’s a house!

Socialism and Spreading the Wealth Around

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to hear McCain criticizing Obama calling him a Socialist and “spreading the wealth around” after McCain just voted for a trillion dollar bailout for the rich. McCain doesn’t seem to have a problem with socialism when it comes to welfare for billionaires. He doesn’t have a problem passing a […]