OMG – I agree with the Republicans!

Letter to the Editor McCain is trying to distance himself from Bush. The Republican party is distancing themselves from Bush. But Bush didn’t screw things up by himself. The Republicans in Congress help make the Bush disaster happen. That’s why at the Republican Convention McCain distanced himself from the Republicans in Congress. But Republicans in […]

If only McCain had picked a different VP

Letter to the Editor When you look back on the drag that Sarah Palin is putting on the McCain ticket it makes you wonder what would have happened if McCain had made a different choice. For example, Governor Mike Huckabee, a true evangelical and a very popular and experienced governor of Arkansas, would have been […]

No Affirmative Action for Republicans!

Letter to the Editor With the polls favoring Obama Republican politicians in House and Senate races are trying to make a unique and interesting argument. They are saying that people should vote for Republicans because they are a minority and that there should be some kind of quota for the number of Republicans elected. What? […]

Time to fill up the gas tank

Letter to the Editor Next Tuesday when you go to vote be sure to fill up your gas tank on that way. Every two years in the first week of November gas traditionally hits it’s lowest price of the two year cycle. Some people think it’s a conspiracy so that the voters will elect politicians […]

Too much lipstick – not enough pig

Letter to the Editor It looks to me like the McCain/Palin ticket has turned into the Palin/McCain ticket now that the lipstick has gone rogue. Ever since the the Republican ticket was called “Lipstick on a Pig” it looks like it’s too much lipstick and not enough pig. If McCain can’t keep lipstick from going […]

I remember when

Letter to the Editor I remember when a home what something you lived in and raised your family in, not something that was traded on wall street. I remember when gasoline what what you put in your car so that you can drive to see your grandparents or drive to work, not something that was […]