Maybe the Big 3 should be the big 1

Letter to the Editor With cars lasting longer than they used to and the economy in a recession I question if there is enough of a market to keep all three of the “Big 3” automakers in business. Maybe instead of having all 3 burning through taxpayer money we should let them start to fold […]

Al Qaeda calls Obama a House Negro

Letter to the Editor Al Qaeda spokesman Ayman al-Zawahiri released a statement calling Barrack Obama a “House Negro”. It just shows how little Muslim terrorists understand America. Obama was in the SENATE.

Why the big 3 automakers should die

Letter to the Editor Although they have been making cars for 100 years the time has come for the big three automakers to die and let a new generation of auto makers be born. Detroit has been undermining society for generations. They worked hard to kill public transportation in the early part of the last […]

Are Democrats still puppets of the unions?

Letter to the Editor Just as the Republicans are puppets of big oil the Democrats have been puppets of the big labor unions like the United Auto Workers. So now that the Democrats rule will the be able to break free of union control? At issue is the auto industry wanting a hand out and […]

Let the Auto Industry go Bankrupt

Letter to the Editor Unlike financial institutions going bankrupt doesn’t mean Detroit automakers will go out of business. Several airlines have gone bankrupt over the last several years and are still in business today. Throwing billion at them isn’t going to solve their problem. We need electric cars and they worked to kill them. They […]

Oh PLEASE – Make it stop! No more Palin

Letter to the Editor Please make it stop! Make it stop! I don’t want to hear Palin anymore. Obama won and the election is over. He hasn’t even taken office yet and Palin is already running in the 2012 election. There should be a rule in journalism that you have to wait for 2 years […]

Mutt Leader – Mutt Nation

Letter to the Editor I watched President Elect Obama’s first press conference and I was particularly impressed with him defining himself as a “Mutt like me”. We are a mutt nation and we as a nation have turned our backs on our muttiness. Perhaps in these times of uncertainty it’s time for us to be […]

San Francisco fails to Decriminalize Prostitution

Letter to the Editor San Francisco Measure K, a ballot initiative to decriminalize prostitution, failed to win in Tuesday’s election. I think that they went about it the wrong way. Instead of making it a ballot initiative maybe they should have gone to the government for a bailout. What the prostitutes need to do is […]

Everyone wants a bailout

Letter to the Editor Now that this bailout thing has started will it ever end? Now the auto industry (as in “Who killed the Electric Car”) wants a bailout so they can build electric cars. But now that Obama is going to be president I think it’s the comedy industry that’s going to need a […]

It’s OVER! Obama WINS!

The little town of Dixville Notch, first in the nation to vote has gone Republican every election since 1968 until today. They voted 19 to 7 in 2004 in favor of Bush. But today they went Obama in a landslide 15 to 6. I think this is going to be typical and it’s over. Obama […]

My Election Prediction

I’m calling it 413 for Obama – 125 for McCain. I don’t believe the polls. I don’t think their model applies to the election. The primary registered millions of Democrats and they are all voting for Obama. Young people, blacks, and Hispanics are all voting Obama and they are turning out. The early voting is […]

Polls and Long Lines favor Obama

Letter to the Editor As we all know Obama is favored in all the polls. So if the lines to vote are long it’s makes me wonder how long Republicans are going to stand in line to vote thinking their candidate will probably lose. I think that Obama will win in part because the Obama […]

Looking Forward

Letter to the Editor I’m looking forward to seeing John McCain returning to the Senate, being a maverick, taking on the leaders of his own party, reaching across the aisle, and working with President Obama to reverse the damage to America from the Bush years.

Who is a Real American

Letter to the Editor There’s a lot of talk this election about who is a “Real American”. I’d like to throw in my definition. A Real American is someone who votes.  Today is election day. Show the country that you are a Real American”.

October Surprise After All

Letter to the Editor People have been wondering if there was going to be an “October Surprise” this election. A piece of news that changes the dynamic of the election. It turns out there is such a surprise. The national debt soared $500 billion in under a month in October. That’s a 5% increase in […]