It’s OVER! Obama WINS!

The little town of Dixville Notch, first in the nation to vote has gone Republican every election since 1968 until today. They voted 19 to 7 in 2004 in favor of Bush. But today they went Obama in a landslide 15 to 6. I think this is going to be typical and it’s over. Obama […]

My Election Prediction

I’m calling it 413 for Obama – 125 for McCain. I don’t believe the polls. I don’t think their model applies to the election. The primary registered millions of Democrats and they are all voting for Obama. Young people, blacks, and Hispanics are all voting Obama and they are turning out. The early voting is […]

Polls and Long Lines favor Obama

Letter to the Editor As we all know Obama is favored in all the polls. So if the lines to vote are long it’s makes me wonder how long Republicans are going to stand in line to vote thinking their candidate will probably lose. I think that Obama will win in part because the Obama […]

Looking Forward

Letter to the Editor I’m looking forward to seeing John McCain returning to the Senate, being a maverick, taking on the leaders of his own party, reaching across the aisle, and working with President Obama to reverse the damage to America from the Bush years.

Who is a Real American

Letter to the Editor There’s a lot of talk this election about who is a “Real American”. I’d like to throw in my definition. A Real American is someone who votes.  Today is election day. Show the country that you are a Real American”.