My Election Prediction

This post was written by marc on November 3, 2008
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I’m calling it 413 for Obama – 125 for McCain. I don’t believe the polls. I don’t think their model applies to the election. The primary registered millions of Democrats and they are all voting for Obama. Young people, blacks, and Hispanics are all voting Obama and they are turning out. The early voting is huge and it’s heavily Obama. When you see the crowds McCain pulls about 1000 people. Obama pulls 50,000 people.

Bush’s approval is at around 20% and only 9% think the country is going in the right direction. Not a single person thinks McCain is going to win and the McCain loyalists are trying to argue that a miracle may be still possible. Major Republicans are defecting. Palin is a joke. Even the rich are losing their asses in the stock market. Wall street has been socialized. McCain looks like a bungling old fool. Erratic is an understatement.

Tomorrow when the long lines form at the polls Republicans might show up but what republican is going to stand in line for hours to cast a vote for McCain surrounded by Obama voters? They will go home without voting. I say that takes 4% more off the top. McCain has no ground operation because he spent his wad and the Republican Party’s wad on TV. (Not to mention $150k for Palin’s clothes.) And that phone call from the president of France – too much! What a fucking moron!

Additionally I think the Dems will get their 60 Sebate seats with Lieberman crawling back to the dems in shame. The House will be a bloodbath for Republicans. What little is left of the Reoublican party will be split as the fiscal conservatives break it off with the evangelicals.

All that will be left is for Bush to pardon all Republicans and run out the clock. Hopfully it’s not to late to save civilization.

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