Are Democrats still puppets of the unions?

Letter to the Editor Just as the Republicans are puppets of big oil the Democrats have been puppets of the big labor unions like the United Auto Workers. So now that the Democrats rule will the be able to break free of union control? At issue is the auto industry wanting a hand out and […]

Let the Auto Industry go Bankrupt

Letter to the Editor Unlike financial institutions going bankrupt doesn’t mean Detroit automakers will go out of business. Several airlines have gone bankrupt over the last several years and are still in business today. Throwing billion at them isn’t going to solve their problem. We need electric cars and they worked to kill them. They […]

Oh PLEASE – Make it stop! No more Palin

Letter to the Editor Please make it stop! Make it stop! I don’t want to hear Palin anymore. Obama won and the election is over. He hasn’t even taken office yet and Palin is already running in the 2012 election. There should be a rule in journalism that you have to wait for 2 years […]