Maybe the Big 3 should be the big 1

Letter to the Editor With cars lasting longer than they used to and the economy in a recession I question if there is enough of a market to keep all three of the “Big 3” automakers in business. Maybe instead of having all 3 burning through taxpayer money we should let them start to fold […]

Al Qaeda calls Obama a House Negro

Letter to the Editor Al Qaeda spokesman Ayman al-Zawahiri released a statement calling Barrack Obama a “House Negro”. It just shows how little Muslim terrorists understand America. Obama was in the SENATE.

Why the big 3 automakers should die

Letter to the Editor Although they have been making cars for 100 years the time has come for the big three automakers to die and let a new generation of auto makers be born. Detroit has been undermining society for generations. They worked hard to kill public transportation in the early part of the last […]