Will Republicans embrace change too?

Letter to the Editor The Republican Party has an interesting choice. They an either stay the “Rush Limbaugh” party or they can decide that they are going to get serious and become part of the solution. Big choice. They can stick with failure or they can join Obama and help work on a solution to […]

Republicans oblivious to economy crisis

Letter to the Editor After 8 years of a Republican spending orgy and looting of the treasury Republicans are now posing as if they are fiscally conservative by being obstructionists. When the Republicans were in power Vice President Cheney declared, “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter”. Their solution to the current crisis is the same things […]

President Obama must stand up to Republicans on Family Planning

Letter to the Editor Obama is facing his first test as President – will he be able to stand up to the Republicans? If we are going to turn America around we need a president who is strong. That’s Obama’s job – to be strong. Obama should not start out throwing women under the bus […]

Rush Limbaugh wants America to fail

Letter to the Editor Rush Limbaugh is saying that he wants Obama to fail. What he doesn’t understand is that if Obama fails then America fails. We have already had 8 years of failure because of Rush Limbaugh types and that’s why we are failing as badly as we are now. But in the last […]

Pardon Me!

Letter to the Editor It was a surprise to a lot of people when Bush failed to do mass pardons in the final days of his presidency. This leaves the decision to President Obama. Is Obama going to follow the law or is he going to pardon the Bush administration by declining to enforce the […]

A New Day for Humanity

Letter to the Editor Now that humanity have come out of 8 years of the dark ages let us resolve to never again let that happen. We as a nation have risen up and now the People are in control again. No longer are we under the thumb of the rich and powerful, that we […]

Never send a fictional character to do a real man’s job

Letter to the Editor During the presidential election California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called Obama a “girly man”, but now the Governator has California stuck in a budget crisis and can’t even communicate with his own Republican party. How pathetic is that? I just hope this doesn’t affect the way I see him in the movies […]

Counting down the moments …

Letter to the Editor Listening to Bush tonight reminds me that from the moment he stole the election 8 years ago that we are but days to the end of the long nightmare. I suppose if your principles are having no principles then it can be said the Bush stuck to his principles. I now […]

Did Bush accomplish anything good?

Letter to the Editor People are asking if Bush accomplished anything good during his presidency. The answer is – Yes! One thing he did was that he utterly destroyed the Republican Party. All the myths that Republicans are fiscal conservatives are gone. The idea that Republicans are better for the economy proved wrong. Trickle down […]

Change is for Democrats too

Letter to the Editor When we elected Barrack Obama as president we voted for change for all politicians including Democrats. If America wanted to just replace a Republican president with a Democrat they would have elected Hillary Clinton. But Hillary wasn’t enough change. We wanted so much change that we elected a black man who […]

Israel is not always right

Letter to the Editor I have a big problem with the assumption that Israel is always right – even when they are wrong. Yes – Israel has a right to exist. But it has no more right to exist than that of any other country. There is nothing at all special about Israel and they […]