Saving the American Auto Industry

Letter to the Editor One thing I think would help save the auto industry is if all 50 sates suspended the state sales tax on car purchases for 6 months. Here in California that would be a 10% price cut. Yes the states would loose some tax revenue but is it worth it to save […]

Raise taxes on AIG Bonuses

Letter to the Editor Apparently because of contracts there might not be anything the President can do to stop taxpayer money from going to pay bonuses to AIG employees. However, Congress could pass a new law imposing a 90% federal income tax on bonus paid to employees of companies that receive taxpayer bailout money. If […]

Madoff in Jail – What about Bush?

Letter to the Editor I think sending Bernie Madoff to jail is a good first step but what he did was nothing compared to what Bush did to America. I think it’s time to go after Bush and his gang and put the real criminals behind bars. Letting criminals like Bush go sends the wrong […]

What ever happened to “Country First”?

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting listening to Republicans openly talking about wanting Obama to fail in the middle of a national crisis. Odd, during the election the slogan was “Country First” rather than the Republican Party first. But that was their slogan during an election and the election is over.

Church of Reality vs. DEA over religious use of Marijuana

The Church of Reality …. vs. the Drug Enforcement Agency … Over the religious use of Marijuana. The Church of Reality just received a scheduling order from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the final decision of the DEA denying the Church of Reality, a religion based on believing in everything that is real, […]

Is there an absolute reality?

Letter to the Editor Rush Limbaugh, the intellectual leader of the Party of Bush, says that it’s OK to want Obama to fail because Democrats wanted Bush to fail. Did Democrats want Bush to fail? Absolutely! Does that make it the same thing? Absolutely not! Even though it’s true on the surface that the Democrats […]

It’s Obama’s Fault?

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to see how quickly the Party of Bush wants to try to shift the economic blame to Obama. It took Reagan and the first Bust 12 years to run the national debt up to 4 trillion. It took Clinton 5 years to turn that around and generate a budget […]

Lobbyists better get out of the way

Letter to the Editor When the People elected a new President last fall we voted for change, a lot of change. We wanted so much change that we elected a guy who no one had heard of 5 years ago. Now it is our turn. This is our time. Change has come to Washington. We […]