Church of Reality vs. DEA over religious use of Marijuana

This post was written by marc on March 3, 2009
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The Church of Reality ….

vs. the Drug Enforcement Agency …

Over the religious use of Marijuana.

The Church of Reality just received a scheduling order from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the final decision of the DEA denying the Church of Reality, a religion based on believing in everything that is real, its application to get a religious exemption for use of Marijuana by church members.

In 2006 the Supreme Court decided a landmark case allowing a religion to use a hallucinogenic tea for religious purposes that contain DMT, a schedule 1 drug, under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. A few weeks later the Church of Reality applied for a religious exemption based on a similar set of facts to the diversion control division of DEA. DEA took the application seriously and did an evaluation and finally on October 1st, 2008 denied the application. Federal law specifies that the Federal Court of Appeals has original jurisdiction over final decisions of the DEA and Church of Reality founder Marc Perkel (yep – that’s me) filed a petition for review.

The Church of Reality is the first case that the DEA processes under the new rules set out by the Supreme Court in 2006. Unlike other religious use of marijuana cases the Church of Reality is a real religion that wasn’t concocted for the purposes of getting around marijuana laws. The connection between the church of Reality and Pot is that the founder was stoned when he came up with the idea and is often stoned when writing the Church of Reality doctrine. Other than that – the Church of Reality is about reality and is dedicated to the evangelizing of the importance of making reality part of your life.

The Church of Reality is currently looking for assistance and ideas for those who are versed in first amendment law and paralegals to help do research to prepare briefs. People with such skills should contact Marc Perkel. This is also under reported news so spread the word.

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