Arlen Spector joins the Democrats

Letter to the Editor Many Republicans are upset that Arlen Spector left the Republican Party, but there isn’t really a Republican party to leave. The party of Ronald Reagan no longer exists. It is now the party of Bush, Cheney, Palin, Limbaugh, deficits, big government, wire taping, unnecessary wars, borrow and spend, Wall Street bailouts, […]

Is America serious about Torture?

Letter to the Editor Like Bush, Obama says we don’t torture. However not a single person who tortured is being prosecuted, nor has anyone so much as lost their job. I think that for Obama to effectively pardon those who committed these crimes sends the wrong message. It just says that we are probably not […]

I’m glad to see Congress being wiretapped

Letter to the Editor I’m glad that congresswoman Jane Harmon of California had her phone tapped. I think it’s about time that members of congress have their rights violated so that they can experience first hand what it’s like to have their privacy stripped. Let them feel first hand what the rest of us citizens […]

Gay judges in Miss USA contest?

Letter to the Editor Miss USA beauty contest judge Perez Hilton, a gay activist, proves the point of the people who voted for California Prop 8 that there is a difference between the gay world and the straight world. When it comes to Miss USA beauty contest, I don’t see how it makes sense to […]

Texas wants to leave United States?

Letter to the Editor On April 15th during one of the Republican sponsored “tea parties” the Governor of Texas Rick Perry suggested that Texas secede from the United States. Too bad Texas didn’t come up with that idea before their former governor George W. Bush became president and ran up the debt another 7 trillion […]

Oh that’s what piracy is!

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to hear news stories about real piracy. The kind of piracy that has nothing to do with downloading music on the Internet.

Is the Republican Budget an April Fools Joke?

Letter to the Editor I’m still waiting for the Republicans to say “April Fools” after presenting their “Alternative Budget”. Surely they can’t be serious. What the Republicans are proposing is the old Bush budget that got us into this mess in the first place. Surely they don’t think that going back to the Bush era […]