Caller ID blocking doesn’t always work

Here’s an example of that. This right wing nutjob calls me up at 11:05 PM Pacific time May 22, 2009 from Alexandria Virginia (2:05 AM his time) and leaves me two voice mail messages. He has his caller ID blocked so he thinks he anonymous. I’m guessing that he probably read my letters to the […]

Obama wrong on abortion exemption

Letter to the Editor I’m rather disturbed about Obama’s “compromise” to the religious right to “offer a conscience exemption to Americans who think abortion is wrong”. What President Obama doesn’t understand is the medical care is about the patient and not about the doctor. Are we now going to allow Jehovah’s Witness doctors to refuse […]

Now Obama is part of the Torture Coverup

Letter to the Editor I’m really really disappointed in President Obama’s decision to block the court-ordered release of photos showing U.S. troops abusing prisoners claiming that the release would “further inflame anti-American opinion”. Yes it might inflame some anti-American opinion in the short term but in the long term it will show the world the […]

Children raped at Abu Ghraib

Letter to the Editor It now turns out that the torture program under the Bush administration included sodomizing children in front of their mothers at Abu Ghraib. These are crimes that were committed by Americans in the name of America under control of the President. These were not a few rouge low level prisons guards […]

OMG – Democrats agree with Cheney

Letter to the Editor Last Sunday former Vice President Cheney said that he would choose Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell when it comes to the future vision of the Republican Party. Bush and Cheney did such a good job of destroying the Republican Party that as a Democrat I have encourage Republicans to listen to […]

It’s too soon to decide not to prosecute those who were involved in torture

Letter to the Editor I see stories in the news about who in the Bush administration will NOT be prosecuted for torture while each day we learn more and more about what happened. We do not yet know who did what, and we need to at least figure out what it is that happened before […]

Republicans have now given up Patriotism

Letter to the Editor During the last 8 yes the Republicans have been waiving their flags and passing laws with names like the “Patriot Act”. Now that they are no longer in power Republicans are openly wishing the president fail in a time of national crisis. Republicans are talking about states seceding from the country. […]