Now Obama is part of the Torture Coverup

This post was written by marc on May 13, 2009
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Letter to the Editor

I’m really really disappointed in President Obama’s decision to block the court-ordered release of photos showing U.S. troops abusing prisoners claiming that the release would “further inflame anti-American opinion”. Yes it might inflame some anti-American opinion in the short term but in the long term it will show the world the we are a nation of integrity and we don’t cover up criminal activity. It shows the world that we are serious about stopping torture. Torture is something America did and it’s not just going to go away if we ignore it. It makes me wonder if Obama is serious about torture. Does he not understand the magnitude of what torture means?

In particular I was offended by Obama’s characterization that Abu Ghraib had been dealt with saying that “the individuals who were involved have been identified, and appropriate actions have been taken.” Obama went on to falsely claim that the abuses were done “a small number of individuals.” What Obama doesn’t get is that Torture was ordered by President Bush and Vice President Cheney who is still arguing that Tortue is legal and that America is unsafe if we stop torturing. We can not let those who gave the orders go unpunished because if we do then it shows that America isn’t serious. All it says is that America doesn’t torture when the Democrats are in power. It says that the issue of torture is subject to interpretation rather than being an absolute rule.

When we elected Obama I thought we were electing someone who was a leader. He depicted himself as the guy who spoke out against the Iraq War, and that “Change doesn’t come from Washington, change TO Washington. Now it appears Obama is now Washington and those who are on the inside want to sweep out national sins under the rug and pretend it never happened. But torture is like hiding a rotting corpse in your basement. At some point you have to drag it out and get rid of it. Mr. Obama, it’s not going to just go away! You’re a smart guy so figure it out. The people are rising up and demanding resolution and you don’t want to be on the Republican side when the big wave comes!

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