Obama wrong on abortion exemption

This post was written by marc on May 17, 2009
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Letter to the Editor

I’m rather disturbed about Obama’s “compromise” to the religious right to “offer a conscience exemption to Americans who think abortion is wrong”. What President Obama doesn’t understand is the medical care is about the patient and not about the doctor. Are we now going to allow Jehovah’s Witness doctors to refuse to give a blood transfusion to a bleeding patient because the doctor has a moral problem? Do we allow Seventh Day Adventist doctors to refuse to work on Saturday?

Obama is so willing to please everyone that he loses track of the fact that the person who gets to choose is the patient. If the doctor can’t provide for the wishes of the patient then they should get a job as a priest and stay out of medicine. The last thing we need are Christian doctors imposing their moral values on Atheists or Atheist doctors imposing their moral values on Christians. Different people have different values and who gets to choose? The patient chooses. Not the doctor, not the government, not God, not Obama. My body, my life, my choice.

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