Sanford in Argentina?

Letter to the Editor Unlike most people the most shocking thing that the Governor of South Carolina revealed wasn’t that he had an affair. After listening to him refuse the stimulus money when the people of his state were running out of unemployment, I was more surprised that this guy knew where Argentina was.

Republicans becoming more sexually conservative

Letter to the Editor In the early 1990s it was rare to hear about a Republican sex scandal. But after the Clinton affair was exposed Republicans started being caught cheating on their wives, fathering children out of wedlock, and caught with prostitutes (Livingston, Gingrich). Even Republican women like Helen Chenoweth were getting caught. By 2006 […]

Stolen Election in Iran

Letter to the Editor Now that the Iranian people are experiencing a stolen election they might have more sympathy for us Americans since we had the same thing happen 8 years ago when Bush stole the election from Al Gore. No – we aren’t over it.

The People’s victory over Big Tobacco

Letter to the Editor The people of the United States made progress in taking America back from the corporations this week when the Senate passed a bill to regulate tobacco as a drug. It’s about time! The influence of big tobacco has been like a cancer on the Congress and finally the voters have cut […]

I want a public health care option

Letter to the Editor The insurance companies want an exclusive in the health care business and are calling public health care “socialism”. But I want the same kind of health care system that Congress has for itself. I say lets have both and let the private system compete with the government and see who provides […]

We own GM so we call the shots

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to listen to Republican complain about General Motors – that the government shouldn’t get involved in telling GM what to do. Huh? We are the taxpayers and we now own GM. As the owners it’s our company and we do what we want with it. We have to look […]