Republicans want to ban human-animal hybrids!

Letter to the Editor Senate Republicans have introduced legislation to ban the creation of human-animal hybrids. What? First Republicans started cheating on their wives. Then they moved up to hookers, male underage pages, sex in men’s rooms, and gay male hookers while doing meth. So this new Republican interest in human animal hybrids seems like […]

Democrats still afraid of Republicans

Letter to the Editor With the Democrats in the Senate dropping the public option for health insurance it’s clear that Democrats are afraid of the Republicans. The are compromising trying to get Republican votes that they don’t need and votes they aren’t really going to get. No Republican is going to vote to reform health […]

Should all Republican Governors Resign?

Letter to the Editor If it’s a good idea for (former) Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to resign then wouldn’t it be a good idea for all the rest of the Republican governors to resign as well? Think about it.

Liberals don’t understand how conservatives think

Letter to the Editor Liberals don’t understand how conservatives think. Conservatives believe that big government is bad. So conservatives run for office to prove that government doesn’t work. And they succeed in making their point by being a failure in office. For Republicans, failure is the new success. The more they fail the more they […]

Will Dems make the same mistake again?

Letter to the Editor In 1993 the Democrats failed to pass health care reform. They also turned on the Clintons distancing themselves from him as far as possible. As a result the Democrats lost both the house and the Senate in the 1994 election. Today Democrats are faced with the same choice. Hopefully they won’t […]

40 years since we first walked on the moon

Letter to the Editor 40 years ago man first walked on the moon. But in 1972 man quit walking on the moon because Nixon canceled the moon program and we haven’t been past low earth orbit since. If we want a nation that values science and we want to explore space and go where no […]

What will we do without Governor Palin?

Letter to the Editor The thing that scares me the most about the resignation of Alaska governor Sarah Palin is – when Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States, who is going to be keeping an eye on the Russians? How will America survive without Sarah Palin watching the […]

Republicans should not compete with reality TV

Letter to the Editor Republicans are complaining about having a public option for health care insurance saying that the government shouldn’t compete with private business. But the Republicans are hypocrites because they are competing with reality TV shows. Right when it was revealed that “Jon and Kate” were getting divorces Senator John Ensign is caught […]

Democrats are selling out to the Insurance Companies

Letter to the Editor Unfortunately politics isn’t as simple as the good guys vs. the bad guys. Even though the Republicans are totally sold out to corporate interests doesn’t mean that the Democrats aren’t as well. With huge majorities in the House and the Senate and the Presidency there’s no reason why we shouldn’t get […]