Republicans should not compete with reality TV

This post was written by marc on July 10, 2009
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Republicans are complaining about having a public option for health care insurance saying that the government shouldn’t compete with private business. But the Republicans are hypocrites because they are competing with reality TV shows. Right when it was revealed that “Jon and Kate” were getting divorces Senator John Ensign is caught creating on his wife with a staffer, and hush money might be involved. Then Governor Mark Sanford admits to multiple affairs as he ditches his wife and 4 sons to have a steamy affair with his soul mate in Argentina.  And then there’s the Palins. How can reality TV shows compete with the Palins?

So if the Republicans are going to have a public alternative to reality TV I think they should at leat let us have a public alternative to health care insurance so that people in the real work can afford to get medical treatment so that we can be healthy enough to see what happens with the Ensigns, the Sanfords, and the Palins.

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