CIA Torturers need to be prosecuted

Letter to the Editor After World War 2 the Nazis where put on trial for war crimes. Many of them used the excuse that they were “just following orders”. Although the scale isn’t as great are WWII members of the CIA who tortured and killed prisoners are using the same excuse – I was just […]

Time to go Nuclear on Fillibuster

Letter to the Editor Since the Democrats took control of the Senate the Republicans have used the filibuster to block almost everything. The filibuster is just a Senate rule and not part of the Constitution and is supposed to only be used in extreme cases rather than all the time. The Democrats can get rid […]

Media doesn’t cover Town Hall metting in Liberal Districts

Letter to the Editor Yesterday I went to a town hall meeting in Fremont California conducted by Congressman Pete Stark and one thing in particular was different than what I see in the news. There were no reporters there. It seems the the “legitimate news media” only covers town hall meetings in conservative areas. It […]

President Charlie Brown?

Letter to the Editor Is Obama being suckered by the Republicans the same way that was depicted in Charlie Brown comics? Lucy would hold the football and always promise that she wouldn’t jerk it away at the last minute. Poor Charlie Brown would run up to kick the ball and at the last second Lucy […]

Government run Death Panels

Letter to the Editor Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is concerned about older people having to appear in front of a government “death panel” describing it as “downright evil”. I suppose as a Republican she would want privately held corporate death panels. Oh wait! We have that already. That’s the insurance industry. Except you don’t […]

Now it’s an issue?

Letter to the Editor When Bush was president the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats never mentioned deficit spending. Tax cuts for the rich, no problem. Fund the Iraq war, of course. Prescription drug plan for the elderly, no problem. 200 billion subsidy for insurance companies, why not? But now it’s time to fix the […]

Paying for health care reform

Letter to the Editor There’s an easy way to make up for the funding of health care reform. If we took Medicare away from everyone who says that they oppose “Socialized Medicine” and “Government Health Care” we could pay down Bush’s national debt. Those Republicans who take government money through Medicare should at least have […]