What the People want

Letter to the Editor A warning to my Republican friends. There are a lot more people in America who want to see Obama succeed than want to see him fail. You might want to take that into account if you think you can win elections on the pro-failure platform.

High hopes for Marijuana Users

Letter to the Editor It’s good to see the Obama administration deciding to not go after medical marijuana the way the Bush administration did. it gives me “high hopes” that some day the ridiculous prohibition on marijuana will go away. This is a drug that if fully legal would be a benefit to society. I […]

4 letters word that Republican’s won’t say

Letter to the Editor From Birthers to Teabaggers Republicans are angry. Republicans are saying a lot of 4 letter words but there’s a 4 letter word that Republicans never say under any conditions. A 4 letter word the Republicans don’t even want to think about. That 4 letter word is BUSH.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Letter to the Editor When is Obama, who is the Commander in Chief, going to end the ban on gays in the military policy known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell”? Don’t ask because he isn’t going to tell.

Winning by losing – losing by winning?

Letter to the Editor Today President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and Republicans are angry. Last week America lost it’s bid to get the 2016 Olympics and the Republicans were cheering. Since Republicans have been doing everything wrong and caused our current economic crisis and started the two wars we are currently stuck with […]

Republicans hope to repeat 1994

Letter to the Editor Republicans are doing the same thing that they did in 1993. They are trying to make sure that health care reform fails so they can repeat what happened in 1994 in the 2010 elections. And they might succeed if Democrats are stupid enough to do the same thing they did in […]

Health Care Reform is about Values

Letter to the Editor I saw a TV ad today against health care reform put on by a group called “Americans for Prosperity”. What’s right and wrong when it comes to health care reform depends on your values. If you put prosperity first then their position is correct. However if you put health care security […]

Don’t knock garlic milkshakes till you try one

Letter to the Editor Last Thursday Republican House leader John Boehner said in regards to a public option for health insurance, “This thing is about as unpopular as a garlic milkshake.” As a home owner in Gilroy California, the garlic capital of the world, I have to say that I agree. However Mr. Boehner has […]