Politics or Treason

Letter to the Editor People like to describe what the Republicans are doing as politics but that’s not the word I would use. I call it treason. All they are proving is that it’s easier to destroy America than it is to fix it. All one has to do is look around at the way […]

Filibuster Rule must Die

Letter to the Editor In spite of what you hear in the news it does not take 60 votes in the Senate to pass a bill. It is not in the Constitution nor are there any laws that require 60 votes. The 60 vote barrier is an obscure Senate rule called the filibuster which requires […]

President Obama’s War?

Letter to the Editor When did Afghanistan become Obama’s war? The way I remember it Bush started the war in 2002 back when no one knew who Obama was. Now it’s Obama’s war? Give me a break! This war would have been over if Bush hadn’t pulled the troops out and sent them to Iraq […]