Ninth Circuit Screws Church of Reality in Pot Decision

On January 28th 2010 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals basically screwed the Church of Reality issuing a memorandum decision. As the founder of the Church of Reality I’m fairly pissed off about it. What the courts often do is to clear out the case load by letting law clerks decide cases using memoradum decisions […]

Toyota Recall – Is it the Computer, not the gas pedal?

Letter to the Editor As someone who has been in software for over 30 years I have to ask Toyota this question, “Have you ruled out the computer?” As I understand it the cars in question are all “drive by wire” cars. Unlike the cars I drove as a teen where the gas pedal was […]

End welfare for the rich

Letter to the Editor If President Obama and the Democrats really wanted to do something about the deficit they should have eliminated the Bush tax cuts for the rich in 2009 when they took power rather that to let them run for an additional two years. It seems when it comes to tax cuts for […]

Free Credit Report is a Ripoff – Sucks

First of all the call it “Free Credit Report” but it is anything but free. I didn’t even want it for free. I just wanted to buy a single copy of my credit report. But it decided that I was signing up with Experian for their “Triple Advantage” which is really triple disadvantage. The allowed […]

Ted Kennedy is spinning in his grave

Letter to the Editor Different people will see tonights election differently but one thing I think we can all agree on. Ted Kennedy is spinning in his grave. And the voters of Massachusetts just screwed the rest of us out of health care reform. You would think that America has already inflicted enough bad judgment […]

Obama – 1 year later

Letter to the Editor Obama’s success might be best described in terms of what didn’t happen rather than what did. Although what Obama accomplished is impressive, what didn’t happen is the total collapse of the US economy. America was on track to fail the way the formers Soviet Union failed and the entire world economy […]

Let Big Tobacco Die

Letter to the Editor According to the Associated Press the tobacco industry is pleading with the Justice Department not to go to the Supreme Court fearing a decision that would devastate them. I say that it’s time to wipe the tobacco industry out. These people have killed millions of people by lying for decades about […]

What a difference a real president makes

Letter to the Editor What a difference a real president makes. Obama is getting aid into Haiti faster than Bush got aid into New Orleans.

Palin was God’s Plan

Letter to the Editor In the new book released today “Game Change”, when Sarah Palin was chosen to run for vice president she responded that the choice was “God’s Plan”. So if it was God’s plan for her to run then what did God have in mind when she lost? Did God intend to make […]

Double standard for Democrats? Not a problem for me

Letter to the Editor The Republicans are making a big deal about what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said about race. Republicans claim that there is a double standard claiming that some people are a lot more forgiving when a Democrat makes a racist sounding comment than Republicans get. I don’t have a problem with […]

Who do we screen for?

Letter to the Editor Every time someone tries to blow up an airplane we start asking the question, “How do we spot terrorists? Who is safe to let through?” One thing that is common to all these terrorists is a strong belief in God. No Atheists are out there blowing up innocent people. That’s because […]