Double standard for Democrats? Not a problem for me

This post was written by marc on January 11, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

The Republicans are making a big deal about what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said about race. Republicans claim that there is a double standard claiming that some people are a lot more forgiving when a Democrat makes a racist sounding comment than Republicans get. I don’t have a problem with the double standard. Republicans have worked hard to disenfranchise blacks while Democrats have worked hard to empower blacks. Harry Reid has a strong record to fall back on. So if an old Democrat uses the word Negro it’s not that big of a deal.

I am amused however because the more of a big deal Republicans make of Harry Reid’s comments the less likely they are going to be able to get rid of their incompetent party leader Michael Steele. Democrats look forward to taking on the GOP with this year with Steele in charge.

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